Cu-poche Review - Rainy Day Set Yellow

Cu-poche is a line of articulated chibi figures and as a part of that line they have also released several accessory sets which can be used with all figures in the line.

This set is the Rainy Day Set in yellow, the other colours it comes in is blue and pink. I chose the yellow as it is such a cherry colour. Now the set comes with an open umbrella and a closed version, rain boots, and a raincoat.

The umbrella's work well and my only issue with the rain boots is that they are made of a soft rubber rather than plastic and I can see dust and dirt sticking to them. The rain coat also has some issues as the hood does not work with Homura on accounts of her two pony-tails. It would have been great if the hood was detachable or if it was simply a poncho.

Despite these few complaints it is a good set and is affordable, so I do recommend for collectors of the Cu-poche line.