June Pre-orders + Figure News - Figma Effects

Just thought I'd open with this cute little alpaca who is currently on her way to me. Now we have started with something nice lets get into the woes and it all began with my dragon whose toe was broken. Yes the saga still continues going back and forth between NZ Post and Japan Post (via Amiami) and the jury is still out on whether it will be deemed that the post is at fault and whether I will get a replacement *sigh*

The next thing to happen was the sad fact that Figma Sakura, who I was so happy about coming in my birth month, was delayed until June and June is almost over and still no word (please oh please do not be delayed again)

And just the other day I got an email from GoodSmile Company saying the Figma Horse is delayed until September. Oh this year is just not my year for figures. 

On a more positive note for once I didn't miss out on the pre-orders for a Tamashii Effect piece (still holding out hope that I will be able to get the red fire effects piece at some point) Anyway I managed to reserve one of the yellow lightning effects which looks so awesome.

And I pre-ordered Figma Rin because I like her and I especially love her in this costume. I just hope they are not delayed; not that its likely as they are pretty standard pieces, not exclusives or a highly sort after character. 

There are also some other cool things to look out for either this year or next, like this amazing dragon from Dragon Ball made by S.H. Figuarts. So tempting but I bet it will cost an arm and a leg since it looks pretty big.

Another cool Tamashii Effect piece which looks super epic.

And of course Figma Madison/Tomoyo and Sakura in her school uniform - must get. (These Cardcaptor figures will be the death of me especially if they bring out multiple outfits because she had the cutest costumes ever)