Plush Review - Totoro

As some of you may know the 4th of May was my birthday and as a special treat for myself I decided to get a new neighbour!

Now a kind of epic story comes along with this guy because he was not easy to track down, after ordering with two different stores via Rakuten and having both cancel on me because despite them having their pages in English apparently they don't ship overseas *sigh*

The third store I ordered with gave a huge shipping quote which was about the same price as the Totoro himself, so we cancelled but for some reason I was charged anyway which meant that the fourth company I ordered with couldn't complete the transaction on the first try. So I had to shuffle money around (and borrow some temporarily) and I finally got one ordered just a day before Golden Week *phew* (as for the charge for the cancelled one it was eventually refunded to me)

Okay now that story is out of the way I can talk about him! He's a pretty big guy 40cm prox and you can get him in two shades of grey, I chose the lighter one. He has soft fur but is rather tightly stuffed so not really a plush for cuddling, however that is okay as I got him to be decorative (have a nice old oak chair for him to sit on in my bedroom)

He is well made which is to be expected by a licenced Ghibli plush and I just love him. A great addition to the family.