Plush Review - Pote Usa Loppy - Shiroppy

I was lucky enough to pick up this cutie recently. From Amuse the same company that brought us Alpacasso comes Pote Usa Loppy a collection of adorable lop-eared bunnies.

My choice was this sleepy Shiroppy. Now I am pretty sure Shiro is a boys name even if the bun comes with a pink ribbon. Once again the quality is great in fact he is slightly better quality than my Alpaca, having much softer and denser fur.
He is also completely adorable with pink blush on his cheeks and nose. The stitching on his paws and mouth is a fluro pink which is interesting but as he is so fluffy you don't see it all that much so its bearable.

His tag has very cute art work showing him and also the other bunnies available in the sleepy pose.

Now my Shiro has some scratches on his left eye which is a little sad, but all in all I am very pleased. He's soft cute and kinda huge which is exactly what you want in a cuddly friend. Welcome to the family Shiroppy.