Figure News - Cardcaptor Sakura Figma Reveal

Cardcaptors was and still is the only magical girl anime that I ever really liked, now perhaps that is because it was the first one which screened in NZ and I was a pre-teen at the time so it holds nostalgic value for me, or perhaps its just because it is good, it is fun and light but yet action packed.

I know for most Sailor Moon is the one they grew up with but that didn't screen in NZ till later or perhaps it was earlier either way it was not at a time when I was watching animation.

Therefore it is Sakura who holds a special place in my heart and so when I found out that figma were going to make a version of her I was ecstatic as she is a figurine I have been wanting ever since I started collecting figma and the like.

Though not in my favourite outfit of hers it is her most iconic and I am glad she comes with Kero and I hope he has some articulation. This is a figure that I will be eagerly awaiting and one I am sure will sell out fast, if only there was a way to pre-order a pre-order.