Figure News - Figma reveal

I don't know her name as I've only ever seen the very first pilot series of Blackrock Shooter (Which came with the very first figma) however I think I will be placing a pre-order as soon as they go up. (Her name is Chariot)

I was interested in this figures design since it first previewed in a matt grey but I was going to hold out for the finished photos before making as decision as often I have thought that figure looks awesome and then when the final images are released I have been let down. Perhaps in a way it is my own fault as I often purchase figures from series I am unfamiliar with, I tend to pick figures more on the aesthetics of their design than a love of their character.

I am sure you can see by these photos that in this case I am not disappointed, she looks great a nice clean colour scheme and she comes with some really cool features, I mean that crown is amazing and she comes with tiny macrons how adorable.

She is a definitely a must get but I hope she comes out late in the year though because I did try to tell myself I wouldn't purchase any more figures this year (just bought an expensive Briareos figure). However there will always be an exception, a standout figure that you simply must get before it is too late and I predict that she will be snatched up quickly.