New approach to blogging

Hello my dear friends

You may have noticed over the last few years my posts have gotten fewer and far between well I do want to rectify this but the ways I have tried to do so thus far have not been working. Just about the only thing I keep up to date on a regular basis is my pinterest.

Often what I have done in the past is store up things to blog about to make a wishlist post or a custom figure post but lately they've just sat around half done for months on end so instead I am going to do what you do with pinterest, when I see something that interests me I will make a little post here, that way you will hear from me most likely daily about what I've been looking at around the web. I've been doing a similar thing with my facebook page where I comment on new figures which are coming out. It may mean that Optimistic Penguin becomes a more kawaii centered place as at the moment I am fond of collecting Rilakkuma and other character plush toys.

Also I do intend to make more comics, one of the major things which has been stopping me is building a new cafe set for them, and due to all my screws going missing its been on halt over the summer and I have to wait till I can get another lift to the hardware store since its not on a bus route. But as soon as this is sorted I will be making more comics.

Another thing to know is that it is very likely I wont be purchasing any more figures this year, there are barely any which interest me plus I want to get down to some hard out saving. I do however have two of the Titan figures coming early this year, one is already on its way.

Well that's what I plan to be doing, just thought I would let you know and I'll make sure to stick to what I say this time!

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Love you ^.^