Figma Review - Rintarou Okabe

Rintarou Okabe (a.k.a Okarin) is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and the main protagonist of Steins;Gate. Rintarou is a melodramatic and eccentric young man who underneath it all is actually a kind and caring person.

Figure Basics

As standard figmas come in a box themed to the character, at the front is a window for viewing the figure and its key accessories while on the back you will find all the licensing information and images of the figure posing with its various accessories. Inside the figure is encased in molded plastic with extra plastic wrappings as needed, the inside of the box also includes a removable back drop with a special cut out for the Di: Stage, also themed for the character.

As well as character specific accessories the figma comes with a plastic rack for storing spare hands, a figma three jointed stand, and a zip-lock bag carrying the figure and its accessories.

Rintarou's stand comes with an extra L-shaped piece for added posability.

Figure Design

Rintarou is a tall figure with a lanky body, as far as I can tell he is character accurate though I am not certain if he is based of the anime representation or the graphic novel. His hair is well sculpted achieving a somewhat messy look, all of his faces display their emotions perfectly, as for the rest of him the design is simple, soft pvc for his shirt and the top part of his trousers, there are nice folds to his clothes, and his slippers are removable. The only complaint I have is that his neck, although achieving a very masculine look, is in a leaning forward position which means that his face is always looking down slightly, which is annoying because it means it is often in shadow.

He is painted simply and there are no mistakes to be found however it bothers me slightly that the colour of his knee joint is slightly different than the colour of his trouser leg.

Rintarou uses the standard figma joint system, which uses a combination of hinge joints, ball and socket joints, and  figma joints. Figma joints are hinge joints with pegs on either end and allow for both hinge movement and some rotational movement. At the top of the neck a figma joint is used to allow head movement. At the shoulder there is a double joint, a ball and socket joint within the upper torso connected to a figma joint which attaches to the arm, this gives the arm a more realistic range of motion. In the torso there is one ball and socket joint usually located in the upper chest, this allows turning motion and for the figure to lean forward and back. At the hip there is a T-shaped joint utilizing a ball and socket connection at the lower torso and at the top of each leg, within each thigh there is an inner joint which can turn the leg in and out slightly allowing for naturalistic posing. The knees, elbows, and ankles all utilize figma joints and finally the hands attach via a simple hinged peg joint.

Rintarou has two extra points of articulation, each side of the lower part of his coat has figma joints allowing for some variety while posing.

Rintarou is therefore very posable with few restrictions, his feet can't bend far forward due to his trousers and like I said before his neck sculpt prevents his head from sitting straight.

Figure Fun

Rintarou comes with a number of accessories and we will start with his different facial expressions. The first is a listless expression, then there is his confident face, and lastly a hilarious worried expression.

As standard figma come with a variety of hands Rintarou comes with a pair of open hands, semi-open hands, closed fist, and hands for holding items.

He has a special hand for holding his Bit Particle Cannon and one I assume is for holding his slipper in though I could not get either to fit. Then he has a pointing finger and just like coated figures before him alternative forearms specially for a hands-in-pocket look.

Figmas also come with more character specific accessories and Rintarou's are his cellphone, the Mirai Gadget #12, his Bit Partcle Cannon, his slippers and a pair of shoes. 

I've had a play around with Rintarou and I was able to take a few fun photo's.

Overall Rintarou is an alright figure there is nothing extra special about him however so I would say only get him if you are fan of Steins;Gate.

Figma Rintarou Okabe