Figma Review - Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is the adopted sister of Eren Yeager and the main female protagonist of Attack on Titan. Mikasa often appears withdrawn however she cares deeply for her friends especially Eren who she joined the military for.

Figure Basics

As standard figmas come in a box themed to the character, at the front is a window for viewing the figure and its key accessories while on the back you will find all the licensing information and images of the figure posing with its various accessories. Inside the figure is encased in moulded plastic with extra plastic wrappings as needed, the inside of the box also includes a removable back drop with a special cut out for the Di: Stage, also themed for the character.

As well as character specific accessories the figma comes with a plastic rack for storing spare hands, a figma three jointed stand, and a zip-lock bag carrying the figure and its accessories.

Mikasa's stand comes with an extra L-shaped piece for added posability.

Figure Design

Mikasa is a tall figure taller than most of the figma girls and she is absolutely character accurate, its as if she just popped out of the screen and into my hands. I admit that although I have only watched a couple of Attack on Titan episodes, pure action anime is not my thing, I do love the art direction of the series and I really like the character design hence my purchase. Her jacket and scarf are soft pvc as is her mini-skirt-thing, the rest is solid plastic but with great detailing, all her straps and buckles look great and the new figma joint system on the legs makes for a seamless look. My only qualm with her sculpt is that her feet look ever so slightly too big, this could be due to the new joint which is featured near the toes.

Like most figmas she is well painted and in this case extremely, the emblems on her jacket are great, barely any mistakes, and all her accessories are painted to the same degree. As for the colour scheme its simple but there are enough straps and things that keep it looking cool and a little steampunk me thinks.

Now Mikasa is the first to feature the updated figma joint system, which uses a combination of hinge joints, ball and socket joints, and  figma joints. Figma joints are hinge joints with pegs on either end and allow for both hinge movement and some rotational movement. At the top of the neck a double joint a ball and socket joint within the hair piece connected to a figma joint which attaches to the neck, this gives the head a more realistic range of motion, and to top it off the neck now attaches via a ball and socket joint giving more motion to head movement. At the shoulder there is a double joint, a ball and socket joint within the upper torso connected to a figma joint which attaches to the arm, this gives the arm a more realistic range of motion. In the torso there is one ball and socket joint usually located in the upper chest, this allows turning motion and for the figure to lean forward and back. At the hip there is a T-shaped joint utilizing a ball and socket connection at the lower torso and at the top of each leg, bellow the bottom the leg has a swivel joint so that the thigh can be turned in and out. The knees, elbows, ankles, and all utilize figma joints and finally there is a hinge joint in each foot allowing the figure to be on tiptoes. Bellow are some photos of the new joints and I must say as well as increasing movement all the joints seem to have been made stronger and yet move more fluidly.

Mikasa's  has two extra points of articulation on her Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment each cylinder has a ball and socket joint with a peg attached so that when mounted you can move them around in order to achieve the perfect pose.

Mikasa is therefore very posable and you can get her into pretty much any action you want to.

Figure Fun

Mikasa comes with a number of accessories and we will start with her different facial expressions. She has an emotionless expression, a clenched teeth look, and a shouting face.

As standard figmas come with a variety of hands Mikasa comes with a pair of fists, open hands, relaxed hands, and hands for holding items.

She also has a set of hands for holding her Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.

Figmas also come with more character specific accessories and Mikasa's main one is her Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment, now you will have to read the instructions that come with her in order to put it on right and it is rather a fiddly thing to get on but when you do boy does it look awesome. Basically it attaches in three places, into a hole in the middle of her back, into holes on either side of her belt, and finally the cylinders plug into each thigh. When she's not holding the controls the wires can be plugged into holders on each side of her chest.

Several items come along with the device, two shooting wires and their clip on effect parts.

There is also a smock effect which plugs into the back part of the device by, but it kind of looks a bit weird to me so I don't think I'll be using it much.

Then there are her duel blades which clip into the controls and finally the string version of the wires, each end with a clear piece which can plug into a hook or a peg which then fits into a Di:Stage. Now I tried all sorts of ways to suspend Mikasa using the wires because I assume that is what they are for however it is extremely difficult and near impossible, firstly the weight of her causes her device to unplug from her waist all the time and when it does hold she just hangs with her back to the floor and I cannot see how you can possibly get her to stand upright while suspended. A nice thought though Max Factory but rather an epic fail in my opinion, if you find a picture of anyone who managed to get her to pose like in the anime using this I will truly be amazed.

After the many add-ons to the device we have a few more accessories, an alternative neck piece basically her collar if you wish to pose her without the scarf, and of course her wind swept cloak which comes with a clear plug to hold it in place.

And lastly they were kind enough to give you some extra string and an extra hand joint in case of accidents, two thumbs up Max Factory. 


I've had a play around with Mikasa and I was able to take a few fun photo's.

Overall Mikasa is a great figure, I sure had a lot of fun with her I would almost go as far as to say she was the perfect figure if it weren't for a few small things, attaching her Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment is fiddly and I don't know how people without little fingers and long nails will be able to do it, and of course the string wire fail which basically makes it a pointless accessory. Regardless I highly recommend her she looks awesome, her design is spot on, the new joint system is great she is an absolute breeze to pose, and I cannot wait till Eren arrives.

Figma Mikasa Ackerman