Figma Review - Mika & Rika Jougasaki

Mika and Rika are sister idols from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Mika is the eldest and like her sister is a Ganguro girl, she is playful and presents as a bit of a tough girl, Rika is also very playful and looks up to her sister. 

Figure Basics

As standard figmas come in a box themed to the character, at the front is a window for viewing the figure and its key accessories while on the back you will find all the licensing information and images of the figure posing with its various accessories. Inside the figure is encased in moulded plastic with extra plastic wrappings as needed, the inside of the box also includes a removable back drop with a special cut out for the Di: Stage, also themed for the character.

As well as character specific accessories the figma comes with a plastic rack for storing spare hands, a figma three jointed stand, and a zip-lock bag carrying the figure and its accessories. 

Mika's and Rika's stand comes with an extra L-like piece for added posability.  

Figure Design

Mika and Rika are average sized figures with Mika the eldest being slightly taller. They are very character accurate in my opinion and a lot of thought has gone into their design. Starting with Mika her hair is nicely crafted, her shirt is made of soft pvc as is her skirt, and her soft pvc jumper you can remove if you wish by pulling down on her legs to unplug her waist joint this is neat as I prefer her without. Also her bracelet is made separately from her wrist and can also be removed if you wish. Rika's hair is also very nice and her shirt and skirt is made the same as Mika's, her vest is nicely rumpled at the bottom and her leg warmers look very cute, her bracelets like Mika's are also able to be removed if you wish.  

Like most figmas they are well painted with all their little accents done impeccably. They are bright and colourful and suit Ganguro style perfectly. Which is what attracted me to the figures in the first place. 

Mika and Rika use the standard figma joint system, which uses a combination of hinge joints, ball and socket joints, and  figma joints. Figma joints are hinge joints with pegs on either end and allow for both hinge movement and some rotational movement. At the top of the neck a figma joint is used to allow head movement. At the shoulder there is a double joint, a ball and socket joint within the upper torso connected to a figma joint which attaches to the arm, this gives the arm a more realistic range of motion. In the torso there is one ball and socket joint usually located in the upper chest, this allows turning motion and for the figure to lean forward and back. At the hip there is a T-shaped joint utilising a ball and socket connection at the lower torso and at the top of each leg, within each thigh there is an inner joint which can turn the leg in and out slightly allowing for naturalistic posing. The knees, elbows, and ankles all utilize figma joints and finally the hands attach via a simple hinged peg joint. 

Mika has three extra points of articulation, for each of her head pieces her pony-tails are attached via a peg with a ball and socket joint on the end giving her hair a variety of movement. Rika's hair pony-tails also include the same joint. 

Mika and Rika are therefore very posable however at times they do have some small limitations, as always despite the soft pvc used around the body holding sitting positions can be difficult but this is a minor issue. 

Figure Fun

Mika and Rika come with a number of accessories and we will start with the different facial expressions. They both have a cheeky winking face with a poked out tongue! 

They also have a blushing face Rika's looks excited and I love the twinkle in her eyes while Mika looks embarrassed. Then they both have a happy face Rika with an open smile and Mika with a big grin. 

As standard figmas come with a variety of hands and Mika comes with a good selection, she has a pair for holding items, fists, open hands, two peace sign hands, a special peace sign with rings, and a hand for holding her cell phone. 

Rika has a similar selection, a pair for holdings items, fists, open hands, a pair of peace signs, a hand for holding her beetle, and a special pose hand.

Rika also comes with two hands with accessories already attached, her pink pen and her matching note book.

Apart from her writing set Rika also comes with a head band and a beetle.

While Mika comes with her cell phone complete with oversized charm and another head piece featuring double pony-tails.

I've had a play around with Mika and Rika and I was able to take a few fun photo's, so enjoy. 

As you can see I had a fun playing around with these two and I can see them making the cafe their second home where they will get up to all sorts of mischievousness.

Overall Mika and Rika are great and I recommend them to any The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls fans or if you are like me and simply a fan of Japanese fashion. If you would like to get your hand I recommend checking out Mandarake there you can find wonfes exclusive figures for a reasonable price. 

Figma Mika and Rika Jougasaki