Plush Review - Sentimental Circus - Mouton

I'm not a huge fan of San-x's Sentimental Circus characters, I can't seem to make my mind up whether I like most of them or not for example some days I think Shappo is really cute other days I think Shappo looks weird. But one I do like is Mouton the cute little elephant.  All I can gather about the Sentimental Circus is that they are supposedly abandoned or neglected toys which have been brought back to life and gathered together.

Mouton like the other San-x products I have bought recently is very good quality, he is super soft and his little tail is very fluffy. His ears have some sort of spongy insert so they are soft and yet hold their shape. He's also very squishy so despite his small size you just want to give him a big old hug. I realise I am calling Mouton a him when I actually don't know his gender, if he is a girl please correct me, like I said before I couldn't find much information on the Sentimental characters. Like always a lovely tag, which I presume the story of Mouton on it, and once again I got this little guy from Rakuten Global Market.