Project - Cafe - Part 12

I've been working hard on my cafe. The other day my father helped me out cutting the spaces for the windows and doors since I have never used the jigsaw before. With all the cutting finally done today I was able to assemble the pieces. 

It was rather fiddly, I used a power drill as a guide making a hole for the nail on one side of the join and a small indent on the other so that the nail would go in straight. Then when everything was lining up I used my special glue I bought from the hardware store (Welbond Universal Glue) and then I hammered in the nails. Now I am using little nails, the smallest I could find since the mdf wood is not very thick at all. Once done I have a nice join and I will paint over the nails and tidy up the paint on the corners once its had a chance to dry fully, takes a good 24 hours for the glue to fully set. 

My brick lines match up perfectly which is great. After the back wall and the side walls were done it was time to sort out the front wall, which will be the one on hinges. I made a cool paved step along the front so that it is level with the rest of the floor and it looks great, however I was not able to put on the hinges today because we didn't have the right size screws and I am thinking that I might try and find smaller hinges as well. Will have to go to a specialist shop because the ones from the hardware store are going to be too difficult to fit. 

Now last time I said I'd show you some pictures of the fittings and some of the art which will go inside the cafe. Like before I purchased the doors and window from My Tiny World a UK dollhouse supplier. They came in a light wood shade and I painted them to my desired colors. 

I've also done away with the original base of my cafe display case and I made my own out of cardboard, I then painted over the gold trimmings of the case so that they are more in keeping with the color scheme of the cafe. It looks great and it's the perfect height for my figures now, all I need is to find a miniature cash register.

I also found some great items to create wall art with. I purchased them from a local craft store but its a German brand that I am sure can be found internationally. Once again they were wood and I painted them to my chosen colors.

But all is not yet finished, I am still painting the crown molding and the skirting board which only arrived at the end of last week, and I have am still painting the back door. But once all the painting is done its a simple matter of gluing everything in place and then the cafe shall be finished!