Figma Review - Anzu Futaba

Anzu Futaba the cute little lazy idol from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Anzu is a little 17 year old NEET known for her bad attitude towards work, she is often seen sporting a T-shirt which read 'You Lose If You Work,' she only became an idol so that she might become rich and then retire to live out the rest of her days as a layabout.

Figure Basics

As standard figmas come in a box themed to the character, at the front is a window for viewing the figure and its key accessories while on the back you will find all the licensing information and images of the figure posing with its various accessories. Inside the figure is encased in moulded plastic with extra plastic wrappings as needed, the inside of the box also includes a removable back drop with a special cut out for the Di: Stage, also themed for the character.

As well as character specific accessories the figma comes with a plastic rack for storing spare hands, a figma three jointed stand, and a zip-lock bag carrying the figure and its accessories.

Anzu's stand comes with an extra clamp-like piece for added posability.

Figure Design

Anzu is a small figure and as far as I can tell character accurate. Like all figmas thought has gone into her design, her T-shirt is made of soft pvc so that it does not inhibit her movement and its shaped with creases in it giving it some life, Anzu's hair is also nicely shaped , and I have said it before but I love the bare foot figmas their feet are so cute.

As most figmas she is well painted though lacks shading, the writing on her shirt is very good and her little shorts are well done and super cute, as always the detail on her faces looks great and there are no complaints to be made.

Anzu uses the standard figma joint system, which uses a combination of hinge joints, ball and socket joints, and  figma joints. Figma joints are hinge joints with pegs on either end and allow for both hinge movement and some rotational movement. At the top of the neck a figma joint is used to allow head movement. At the shoulder there is a double joint, a ball and socket joint within the upper torso connected to a figma joint which attaches to the arm, this gives the arm a more realistic range of motion. In the torso there is one ball and socket joint usually located in the upper chest, this allows turning motion and for the figure to lean forward and back. At the hip there is a T-shaped joint utilising a ball and socket connection at the lower torso and at the top of each leg, within each thigh there is an inner joint which can turn the leg in and out slightly allowing for naturalistic posing. The knees, elbows, and ankles all utilize figma joints and finally the hands attach via a simple hinged peg joint.

Anzu has two extra points of articulation, both of her pony-tails are on ball and socket joints allowing for some variety while posing.

Anzu is therefore very posable however at times her hair because of its shape prevents her from looking very far to one side or another, but that is a small inconvenience. One major inconvenience though was pretty much as soon as I got her out of the box her shoulder joint snapped, no forcing or anything, luckily I always have an old figure or two laying around and I was able to swap out her broken shoulder joint for a working one.

Figure Fun

Anzu comes with a number of accessories and we will start with her different facial expressions. She has three expressions her happy/smirking face which is cute but also slightly devious looking, her sleeping face which is cute, though I do not know why her cheek is bungled out, maybe she is storing a candy in it, and lastly her yawning face which is very sweet, you just want to give her a hug.

As standard figma come with a variety of hands and Anzu comes with slightly cupped hands for holding her game console and her candy, she comes with some standard holding hands which can be used to hold other figma accessories, a pair of fists and open hands, and finally two special hands one for holding her game console and the other doing the peace sign.

Figmas also come with more character specific accessories and Azu's are her game console which is a very neat accessory for a figure to have, her cute plush bunny, and two wrapped candies.

Her accessories are all well crafted and painted nicely, and her bunny rabbit so so darn cute. 

But that's not all Anzu also comes with a sheet of stickers for creating sleepy affects one is a large ball of tears and the other is a more standard tear shape. Now they can be tricky to get onto her so I suggest using teasers, I managed with my fingers but I have long nails to assist me. 

Now I've had a play around with Anzu and I can say she is a lot of fun, she is super cute and very versatile suiting a lot of different figma accessories, I'll let you scroll through some of the pictures I took.

As you can see I had a lot of fun dressing her up, I think she will fit in at the cafe perfectly probably take up residence there as a couch potato.

Overall Anzu is a great figure and I do recommend her, I will be getting her fellow idols come the end of the year and being able to get my hands on her really completes what will be a nice collection. If you are interested in getting your hands on Anzu I recommend checking out Mandarake that's where I got mine and she was a really good price too.

Figma Anzu Futaba