Plust Review - Cinnamoroll

I've been a fan of Cinnamoroll for a while now and I could not resist this plush especially not at his price tag. For those who may not know Cinnamoroll is from the Sanrio universe and he is a little puppy who runs his own bakery. He's about the same height as the rest of my soft toys and made out of that super soft fur which for some reason soft toys in New Zealand seem to lack, I don't know why because its so soft and it doesn't start to go scruffy and loose its softness as other furs do. 

Cinnamoroll is very well made as you would expect from officially licensed Sanrio products, though he was a little out of shape because he had been crammed in a tiny box >.<  and that is a story in and of itself. Thing was I ordered from Jlist but they ended up sending me the wrong item, I recieved a hand puppet version of Cinnamoroll instead, after a quick email they posted me the correct item although it took two months to arrive because they had printed the address wrong, they had it traveling around the United States and then someone had crossed that out and written Australia but somehow it eventually ended up getting to the right country and into my hands.

I must say I am not impressed with Jlist and this is the first time I have ordered from them, they did not apologize for their mistake, but thankfully they did rectify it, and well then there was the shipping issues, also they never got back to me whether they want to puppet version back, so for the meantime it's still sitting in its wrapper.

Anyway now that he is finally here I am very happy with him and how can I not be he is just so cute and cuddly.