New Daily Posts

Starting from tomorrow I am starting a new series to hopefully get me back into the habit of doing posts. I've been really busy lately with various projects and sadly was began to feel lonely, but no more because I have a plan!

I'm taking a leaf out of some fellow bloggers book and I am going to do a daily photo so I have compiled a list of the figures I have, a selection of colours, and some fun subjects.

Cutting them up into pieces I have put them in a little box and each day I will draw out three pieces of paper.

Then it is my task to come up with a photo which includes all three. See the example below I got Cirno, Soft, and Pet.

Thus we have a picture of Cirno cuddle a soft bear friend. So there you have it stay tuned for some daily fun here at


ZORK said...

That's a nice idea, I'm looking forward to the results. ;D