Plush Review - Alpacasso

Alpaca's are everywhere on the web currently and its all because of these adorable winnable alpaca plushies from Amuse, I'm not usually one to follow trends but I simply could not resist getting in on the alpaca cuteness.

For those of you have not heard of Alpacasso a.k.a Arpakasso I will explain. Amuse make prizes for UFO/Crane Machines and the alpaca craze started in Japan. Now these alpaca's come in all different colours and sizes and some have costumes. The one I have picked up is from the Princess Style series and is approximately 50cm tall.

As you can see she is a lovely creamy butter sort of color and she has a lovely pink sequined star and a purple tutu. I'm not a huge fan of the tutu so I will most likely remove it (it's only attached by a small string) now I know this will shock most Alpacasso collectors as it is a terrible thing to remove things like tags and the such, but I'm not really a collector in the purest sense I always take tags of plush toys and I never keep the boxes of my figurines. But for many people the tag is important because it shows its authentic and as you can see in the above picture it is has a special shiny sticker and everything.

Despite the silly tutu I really love this little (large) alpaca she is very soft and fluffy, very well made, and very cute. I know that she probably already has a name but as I can't read Japanese and I can't find any name in English online I have given her my own name and I can say that SugarCube (Sugar for short) is a happy new memeber of my plush family.