July Pre-orders + Wish List - All the Figures

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye.

It's been a while since I have done one of these but that is mainly because there have been few figures I have wanted recently as you can see by my lack of reviews because I have had no new figures. But I have some pre-orders and a few more figures I have my eyes on. 

First up is figma Rintarou Okabe I've said it more than once and I will say it again male figures are in short supply so of course I am getting my hands on this man, now perhaps the girls won't have to fight over Kiritsugu so much. 

Then there is figma Mika a WonFes exclusive, she is super cute and I can't resist pink hair. 

I'm also getting her friend Rika who is also very cute, I love these two's kawaii style and I can't wait for them to arrive. 

Now onto figures on my wish list first is Anzu another WonFes exclusive unfortunately I didn't know Good Smile Company had made ordering available internationally when this girl was available and so she is on my will look for when I visit Japan list. 

I've been wanting to try out the new Cu-poche figures and Saber is a figure I would like to get my hands on. Since my old figma Saber broke I've been wanting to get a replacement of some sort and this one would be great, however I might wait a while as she is a bit pricey. 

Another figure line I've been wanting to try out is S.H.Figuarts but had yet to see a figure I liked in the line however this Cure Happy is really cute and definitely a figure I will consider purchasing at some stage when I have just a little bit more cash to spare.

Two figures I am gutted I missed out on, because I discovered them a little too late, are the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man and War Machine, I've been coveting a War Machine for ages now and this one by far looks the best action figure at a reasonable price its only a shame they are out of stock online. 

Look at them aren't they just pure awesomeness.

Then there are the new figures on display at the WonFes which we can look forward to in the coming year. 

Figma Eren and Mikasa from Attack On Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin. I have not read the series in fact these figures are the first I've seen of it and what can I say they both look badass, so two figures I'm putting down on my wishlist.

A figma we have all been long awaiting Archer from the Fate/Stay series. I am so glad that Max Factory is focusing their attention on more male figures. 

Miku Hatsune also gets a new look, this design is very cute and too me is cyber princess. One to keep an eye out for me thinks.

 The next two figures I must admit I am unsure of what series they come from but their design's caught my eye, a lady knight and some sort of a roguish character.

And last but not least these figma's we were given a sneak peak at earlier in the year and all I can say is if figma Thor turns out looking like Chris Hemsworth I am totally buying it.


RoyFokker93 said...

The "Lady Knight" name is Lucina, a character from the 3ds game Fire Emblem: Awakening

Sara Fearon said...

Thank you RoyFokker93 now I can find out more about the character :)