Plush Review - Korilakkuma

Hello my fellow followers I just wanted to start out by saying hello long time no see and introduce you to a new series of reviews which I will be doing. As a girl I am very partial to cute things especially if those cute things are furry and squishable and so I have as a consequence a number of plush toys of various characters I love and as a little something different and interesting I thought I would share some of them with you. The lovable friend of the famous Rilakkuma, but this Korilakkuma plush is not just any plush she's in a rabbit costume and she is a bag!  Korilakkuma in all her cuteness. As you can see she is sporting a pink rabbit onesie and her fur is long and very plush.

But as I said before she is no ordinary plush because on her back is a long zipper and strap. She is in fact a small little pouch bag that you can wear out and about.

Inside is a small pouch with pink polka dot fabric and there is about enough space for some lipstick, your key, a pen, your bank card. 

I picked Korilakkuma up from Rakuten Global Market for a very reasonable price and yes she is San-x official license, Rakuten is a good place to find character goods which are genuine and not carrying a hefty price tag. 

Overall I could not be happier with my new plush, she is adorable, ridiculously soft and cuddly, the perfect little friend to take out on a shopping date.