June Pre-orders + Wish List - Insane Figures

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye. Well the year is progressing and so are the figures on offer to us. Here are a few figures I am looking forward to this year. 

Straight from left field came these previews of the new figma Link from the famous Nintendo games Legend of Zelda. He looks awesome and is a must have for gaming fans. I will look forward for more details on this figure. 

Less of a surprise are these two figures, special edition figma's bundled at a very high price in a special edition DVD and PSP pack. 

Insane Black Rock Shooter comes in a bundle with special edition box set of the DVD. As figma's go and Black Rock Shooter figures in particular Insane BRS is truly the most epic. She is more bad-ass and grungy than all the rest and oh how I lust over her. She is sharp edgy with a huge sword cannon and purple eye flames, oh how can anyone resist, if only she was affordable, this baby which is out in June will set you back a few hundred dollars. 

The other exclusive beauty is yet another Saber figma, this time bundled with a special PSP pack Saber takes on Bride form. 

In a slick white body suit with a frilled skirt this is Saber at her best, I prefer this design than I think all the other Saber figmas. But she will cost you a pretty penny.

Another from left field figma is the Giant Warrior, who is a character that first appeared in Studio Ghibli's Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, however this figure is related to a new short film by the studio called A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo.

Out in July this figma is a must for any Studio Ghibli or monster fan. I will definitely try to get my hands on one eventually.

Also out is T-elos from Xenosaga. She is similar to KOS-MOS in design, but with one big difference, she is the first figma with dark skin!

Its about time we had some variety of skin tones, and this android is awesome, she looks sexy and hard-core, and she will look perfect beside your KOS-MOS figure, a must get. Out in September. 

Then there are two lovely ladies from the Persona universe which I plan on purchasing at some point. 

First up is Yukiko Amagi, she is beautiful and battles with a fan, what more could you want. 

Chie Satonaka is also adorable with her short hair tom-boyish appearance, she also comes with some pretty random and hilarious accessories.  

You can pick up Chie in June and Yukiko in August.

But it's not only figma to look forward to this year but Revoltech has some cool figures to pick up. 

Like the awesome Rathalos from Monster Hunter, I mean its an articulated dragon figure! A must have for any collection in my opinion.

And if you wish for another option it also comes in blue so you can choose which one you like the best. 

Revoltech also have a new series of figures based on the Shitennō, the four heavenly kings of Buddhism. 

And they make for some visually stunning figures. 

 These two are my favourite, now each comes in full painted colour version or in a version which is meant to look like a wooden statue.

These figures would make for some fun characters for figurine comics.

My Pre-orders

There are also some other cool figures which I already have a pre-order booked for.

I keep meaning to get my hands on some male figma's but I keep missing out, so when Kiritsugu Emiya turned up I had to book my pre-order so I didn't miss out. He looks great with his dark coat and classic supply of weapons, a must for any Fate/Zero fan. He'll be out in September.

Out later this month is the fantastic Princess of the Chrystal from Marawu Penguindrum, of course me being a penguin fanatic had to get this girl.

Especially as she comes with the cute troupe of penguins from the series. 

My final pre-order is Inori Yuzuriha who's out in August, she is from Guilty Crown. 

I'm not familiar with the series but she is just so beautiful that I had to get her, pink hair and lovely spacey costume. Plus she comes with some truly pretty facial expressions. 

I'll have to watch the series now to find out more about this cutie, and her little robot friend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but The legend of Zelda is from Nintendo, not Sega....

Optimistic Penguin said...

of course he is Nintendo *face palm* was very tired when writing post :p

Anonymous said...

LINK doiahsgjklxdvgaur <---- My expression when i saw it. i really want him and Rinko

Anonymous said...

what template is used for your blog? i like it a lot

Optimistic Penguin said...

The link is in the footer, but I did do some of my own alterations to it.

ZORK said...

I pre-ordered Link as soon as it was possible. ^^

Xine said...

That Saber bride sure is lovely, the details on her costume look great! Inori looks okay, I like her robot a lot though. ^^