Project - Cafe - Part 10

Sadly Cafe Mode was looking a bit worse for ware lately, and so she was laid to rest. However the figures cannot be without a cool cafe to chill out in, so enter project Cafe 3.0!

This time around I am making the Cafe out of better quality products to make it more robust and long lasting, I mean regular cardboard and packing tape is fine, but not so great if you want to move the set around a lot.

So I went to specialist art store picked up three A2 size grey mounting boards, some UHU fast dry super glue, and some white masking tape.

And a few hours later voila a brand new Cafe! The super glue worked wonders, and I added a few support beams across the open spaces of the Cafe for added strength, and I used the masking tape around the edges on the outside for extra strength as well, and they will be covered because I have a neat idea of how the outside of the Cafe will be.

The outside of this Cafe is going to be more visible than the last one was so that we can have more outdoor scenes. I am hoping to make the outside of Cafe resemble brick, but first I need to source polystyrene to cut out brick shapes.

For the inside of the Cafe I chose this time to make a custom counter, firstly to get the cabinet at the correct height, and secondly to provide more serving space for the Cafe.

It took some time putting this together, but I think the end result was good. Now onto the second stage of the process to paint the interiors.

So watch this space for updates on the progress of Cafe 3.0