February Wish List - Figmas Galore

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye. Since I have got myself some part-time work in the interim of finding full-time employment, now that all my University studies are over I have some disposable income, and since its been ages since I bought any new figures their are some up and coming that I have my sites on.

I've pre-ordered the new Saber figure, featuring Saber in a fancy suit. I've been looking for a replacement since my original Saber broke, and this one looks like a nice replacement also I can see potential body-swapping fun with her suit. 

Also no surprise I'm pre-ordering the Mawaru Penguin Drum figma, I've been watching the series lately, can't make my mind up whether I like it or not, its a bit weird and the plot doesn't make a lot of sense as of yet, but it has penguin antics so what more could you want. And as an optimistic penguin I cannot pass up this figure, spesh since it comes with her penguin pals which are my favourite part of the show!

I also may in the next few weeks pick up the alternative BRS figma as I prefer her design much better than the original BRS and her weapons look double bad-ass in this version. 

Also in the coming months I am keeping an eye out for the above figma's as I wanted to get my hands on them last year but didn't have the cash. I love Bakemonogatari so I would love these figures. And the exclusive Queens Blade figma is adorable and I want more figma males hence the index man. 

Also figures to keep an eye out for, more Mawaru Penguin Drum, these figures are apparently a Liquid Stone snap kit build, have no idea yet where and when they will come out, but I think I will definitely purchase them, adorable articulate penguins!

Also I would like to get these Hot Toy figures of Briareos and Deunan from Appleseed. I have the smaller Wave figures, but due to moving house Deunan got broken, which sucks because they cost a lot. And these babies will cost more, but they are much bigger and amazingly detailed. I'm a huge Appleseed fan and these will be the pride and joy of my collection, when I can find a place which is still selling them that is!