Photography - Miku & Friends

Here are some lovely photo's of my figures just messing around and having fun, enjoy ^.^ 

My Miku Append figure arrived and since I was home sick I decided to get out the figures and have a bit of a play. Here is Miku in some casual clothing. 

Aya country gal running about.

Aya admiring the flowers.

Black Rock Shooter watching the sun-set.

Black Rock Shooter leaping. 

Black Rock Shooter in an abandoned Chapel.

Beauties of the Apocalypse Black Gold Saw and Dead Master. 

Cute waiting in the music room with her violin. 

Cute watching the river flow.

Cute waiting for a train to appear. 

Marisa  staring out across the sea.

And some more Miku pictures, Miku on the run. 

Miku falling through the city 

Miku unleashing the inner light.