Spotlight - Miniature Magic - Part 1

Welcome to spotlight miniature magic part one. This time around we will be spotlighting some amazing miniatures from figure collectors around the world who's creations astound and inspires. 

First up is Ken 2. I first noticed Ken 2 for his awesome sets he made for his Lucky Star figures, bellow we see them chilling out in two different rooms having a good time.

He also has recently made some awesome paper craft vending machines for the bellow shot of the K-On! crew. Check out more of Ken 2's things at 

DAC is up next with an awesome paper craft arcade hall for figures to run about in. Good paper craft never ceases to amaze me, and this arcade makes for some awesome photos. Check out more of DAC's things at 

Chibi Toro is often featured here at mainly due to his amazing custom figures, but today we will highlight another talent of his, and that is paper craft. 

He makes these wonderful paper craft rooms which he then makes available for downloading and printing off yourself if you so wish. 

He also makes a number of accessories specially to enhance the figures he owns, here you see a basket ball hoop made so that you can get some full on basket ball action with Mato Kuroi from Black Rock Shooter.

Here are some more rooms done by Chibi Toro. A restaurant setting and a funky lounge. Bellow is an awesome miniature tree he has made using bits of real twig and fake greenery and it looks just great.  

Really his paper craft skills amaze me, check out this awesome paper craft table tennis table. 

And lastly a very cool subway and kitchen scene also available for download if you wish. Check out more of Chibi Toro's things at his website Chikuza  or at 

Telmen is a K-On! fan who has made this awesome musical scene with the K-On! girls setting up their stage, for this piece he has created new keyboards, amps, cables and peddle boards, and the result is a very awesome diorama. Check out more of Telmen's things at his blog Hatena or at 

Mon Black has created an awesome capsule for his Busou Shinki, using a various things he has even lit the capsule and the effect is amazing, this is a truly amazing little display piece and I am sure other Shinki owners will go green with envy.

Check out more of Mon Black's things his blog Kurotuki or at 

Well that's all for today stay tuned though because tomorrow we have more wonderful miniatures to view.