Spotlight - Miniature Magic - Part 2

Welcome to spotlight miniature magic part two. Miniature magic is a series which spotlights some of the most amazing miniatures created by figure collectors as diorama's for their collections.

Kago is a figure collector who's photo's never fail to inspire me. Just look at the photo's bellow with his Busou Shinki, they are just amazing, the set, the lighting. 

Kago is also shows us how he gets these wonderful photo's, just look at the set up for each photo its astounding, the time and effort which must go into setting up. 

Even though its plain to see how much time and work has gone into the photo's they look effortless and natural, there is a real sense of realism to his pictures which is lovely. 

If only I had space and time enough I would take a leaf out of Kago's book for my own figure photo shoots. Check out more of Kago's things at 

Wawa1219 has made an even more impressive violin than the one which comes with Figma Aya Kagura. Made out of paper this is an awesome little miniature and looks great with figures. Check out more of Wawa1219's things at 

Sai-chan is a collector who uses a combo of dollhouse miniature items and ones made himself. He has an awesome bedroom scene, complete with mini fridge. 

He also has his own version of the K-On! music room, and don't the girls look lovely sitting down to tea together.

Sai-chan is also a Haruhi Suzumiya fan and has recreated a scene from the series very nicely, with some Figma accessories and some of his own handy work, its a perfect display piece. Check out more of Sai-chan's things at 

Uncle Meat has also had his hand at making some awesome instruments for figures, this time it is trombone and it even works like one too. This item looks fantastic, next I hope to see an entire brass band!

He also has made a number of very cool Figma weapons, my favourite being bellow the steal pipe nun-chucks, which he was used to make and awesome street battle. Check out more of Uncle Meat's things his blog MotherMania or at 

Dream flattery Kagurazaka brings us and awesome mod for Figma Drossel, this special attachable back piece allows you to use Drossels alternative head pieces to create and awesome back-pack giving her more space cred, also he has made a nice weapon to complete the look. Check out more of Dream flattery Kagurazaka's things at 

Stay tuned for even more miniature magic tomorrow.