2nd Anniversary Celebration - Penguins Go Figure...

Happy Birthday OptimisticPenguin.com!!!! That's right its our 2nd Anniversary, another year gone bye full of penguins and figures. 

To kick off the celebration my very own optimistic penguin Mr. Mitzuku and a new resident to my room Baby Penguin shared a birthday muffin. (I know he doesn't have a name I've just been calling him Baby Penguin, lol)

However the figures decided they wanted in on the celebration and the muffin. This is my collection to date, as you can see its rather smallish now as many of my figures have gone onto live with other Otaku's, however there are still plenty of friends for my penguins to play with. 


Now its time for a tribute to our feathery friends the penguin. 

In the air, its a bird, its a plane, no its a horde of penguins?!!

Wrap up warm this winter with your penguin pal.

Anime educating us about penguin species.

Wait I've never heard of the Pemomo species O.o

Ah yes flavoured ice, just the treat for a penguin on a hot summers day. 

Now to end a girl with her army of penguins!


Anonymous said...

Happy "Pen" day to you..keep moving ^Y^

bishiewuvr said...

Heh, I actually did a Star Wars comic about penguins. Care for a link???

OptimisticPenguin said...

yes last year I ran a comic competition the entry you are thinking of will be from NewAmMaster who you can find on deviant art, he does lots of star wars comics :)

Arctic_Kitsune said...

Happy 'Pen Day OP :D

ZORK said...

Happy Pen Day!

I really like your blog, and I'm looking forward to read more from you in the future. ~_^

btw, I just noticed that Alleyne isn't on your group photo. Does that means she moved to another Otaku?

OptimisticPenguin said...

Yep Alleyne went to a new home. :)

Xine said...

Happy anniversary! We have almost the same anniversary date for our blogs. Congratulations on your second year. ^^