2nd Anniversary Celebration - How Far We've Come... Comics

As we celebrate OptimisticPenguin.com's 2nd anniversary, I decided to get nostalgic and take a look at how far we've come since those early days. This time we will look at how my figure comics has grown and changed over time.

In the early days figure comic was pretty basic when it came to set and story line, however as I got a hang of it figure comic slowly began to take shape, and this shape grew along side the creation and renovation of the figure cafe, which will be discussed when we take a look back at past projects.

As the set got more elaborate for figure comic so did the story lines and I went onto create temporary mini sets especially for some stories.  The figures explored stories such as what happens after a figure dies. I also entered competitions and made some stories which centred around a can of cola. 

The figures cafe became haunted by a devilish Nendo. The Nendo's even had some holiday fun and visited a pokemon park, and had a run in with a devious fortune teller. 

Figure comic became a place where I could let my imagination run wild. As ideas flowed the figures had more and more fun, with some comics lasting the whole summer, with the summer series of comics having a different focus each episode but with one over arching climax hanging over their summer vacation. 

Some figures survived this climactic series however some did not, and with some of my actors leaving and new ones arriving and the creation of a portable cafe set figure comics changed again. 

Now figure comics had a set where I was able to get in and around the figures and play with angles and depth of field a lot more than I could previously. And so the cafe became the main setting for figure comic. 

The poor cafe owner had to deal with figurism and love triangles, and even a full on bounty hunter battle happening in her cafe. 

There was even another haunting to be dealt with, however this was more a haunting of a person than the cafe.

But help arrived with the wonderful service bot Drossel, even though Drossel seemed to attract a number of cats to the cafe. 

 However things are getting crazy again, Drossel the service-bot has been kidnapped and is caught up in some galactic treasure hunt, meanwhile the girls at the cafe have hired a bounty hunter to bring her back, what crazy conclusion will be reached for this story.

Once again figure comic is breaking loose from the cafe and setting its sights on outer space. If you stay tuned I am sure you are in for one hell of a ride. 


Luth said...

Congrats on your second anniversary! I'll have to admit that your figure comics are one of my favorite parts of your site. Looking forward to seeing what happens to Drossel and keep up the good work!