Spotlight - Pro Custom Figures - Part 5

Welcome to spotlight pro custom figures part five. Pro custom figures is a series which spotlights some of the most amazing custom made figures and their creators.

First is Whales version of Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. This figure just looks great and the paint work is wonderful, you might even think oh wow a new Figma coming out this month. Great work Whale, you can check out more of Whale's work at fg-site.

Mamezou is another great modeller, and he has made some great Figma's there is Holo from Spice & Wolf, who looks grand and comes with a variation of outfits and even a nude body, she looks just lovely and I would be so keen if Max Factory ever made a Figma Holo, so cute and foxy. 

I'm not sure who this character is, but they look great, Mamezou has out done himself with the paint work creating a wonderfully detailed Figma. 

He has also made a version of Taiga from Toradora! and she is just the cutest little feisty girl ever. You can check out more of Mamezou's work at fg-site.

Modeler Z has also made a version of Holo but this time its a Nendoroid version, and isn't she just the adorable.

Z is also working on a very cute Pikachu suit for Nendo Len, it is going to be way cute. 

Check out more of Z's work at fg-site.

Seven is a modeller who has created their own original character, and she looks grand, I have been watching the progress of this figure being made and the finished project is stunning, a lovely elf warrior. Check out Seven's work at fg-site.

One of my favourite modellers to follow is Tiny Toro who comes out with amazing custom Figma's all the time, time around is from Mahiru Inami Working! Once again some lovely expressive facial pieces.

Tiny Toro has also made a character from Monster Hunter and she looks amazing such detail!

You can check out more of Tiny Toro's work at Chikyuza.see.saa.

Juubei has made a nice alteration to Figma Aegis, some extra battle pieces. You can check out Juubei's work at fg-site.

Rockman@Panthers also has made some Monster Hunter characters using both Figma and Revoltech parts. You can check out Rockman@Panthers work at fg-site.

Kurotayo has made some wonderful Figma's spanning characters from FFXI and they just look great, a nice variety of warriors. 

You can check out Kurotayo's work a fg-site.

Next is DCD's works in progress another Monster Hunter, these characters seem to be pretty popular at the moment and Kaoru from Amagami. I can't wait to see what these figures look like finished. 

You can check out DCD's work at fg-site.

Mason And has a great custom Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, she looks wicked, cannot wait to see what she looks like all painted. Check out Mason And's work at fg-site.

And last but not least, Cadillac Passing's wonderful custom Busou Shinki's. A great selection of customs using a number of parts from Shinki to Revoltech and Figma parts to create this cyborg characters. Check out more of Cadillac Passing's work at fg-site.

Lastly I will leave you with two very cool part swapping pictures I found on fg-site. I hope you enjoyed seeing some wonderful customs.