March Pre-orders + Wish List - Vocal Queen

Welcome to our wish list where we share with you some of the up and coming figures which capture our eye.

Well Max Factory have reached 100 Figma's and to celebrate they are releasing Miku Hatsune Append Ver this August. Now this one is on my pre-order list, it was about time that Figma did a re-vamp of the famous Vocaloid and this version is just stunning, based on a Max Factory large scale figure Miku is donning a space age costume which is sleek and sexy. She also is the first Figma to have her bare feet showing, and like the some of the most recent Figma's she has lovely semi-translucent hair which just gives her a lovely glow. What a way to celebrate 100 Figma's good job Max Factory I look forward to getting my hands on mine, later this year.

Well that's actually that's all which is on my pre-order list at the moment, yep times are tough and so my purchases are limited, that coupled with the fact that recently Figma haven't really been coming up with many Figma's that interest me this year. I have Black Gold Saw on her way to me, and KOS MOS is delayed and so will be with me at the end of April I believe, apart from that there are only a few Figma's on the horizon which have tempted my interest.  

The first is Maron Makaron from Queens Blade: Spiral Chaos Special Edition, now she is actually up for pre-order now, I am not sure when she is due to be released, she is pricey and comes bundled with a PSP game, well she is on my list to get if my finances perk up, if not I am afraid I will just have to hope I can get her sometime next year. Anyway she is uber cute, she has all of the over the top Kawaii cuteness which the previous Spiral Chaos exclusive Figma Cute had. I mean she is pink has a weird hat thing with eyes, huge pink claws and purple hair, she ticks all the right boxes for me, if only I could afford to get her... *sigh*

Now this one is a cutie and another one in the limited for sale in Japan Touhou Project Figma's but once again easy enough to pick up from Tokyo Hunter or Otacute. Ibuki Suika is really cute, and rather quirky, it seems lately my taste in figures has been space age girls, demon-esq girls, and eccentrically dressed girls. She is very cute with her big hair bow, not sure if those are horns or if she style her hair strangely, she has chains with things hanging from them, is all in all rather fun and interesting. And she is expected to be up for pre-order around August. 

Then of course there is another Black Rock Shooter Figma this time it is Strength who made a small appearance in the pilot anime. At first I never really intended to collect all the Black Rock Shooter Figma's as I wasn't very impressed with the anime and I don't usually collect whole sets of figures, however I just seem to love all the character designs and so of course I will be getting this one to stand beside the other three girls. Strength looks very funky, although I can't help thinking posing her huge hands will be a nightmare, but even so small price to pay for wickedly huge monster hands! Strength is roughly coming out around June. 

So that's all for now, just some final closing words, I don't know about you but recently I have lost interest in figures as a whole as there aren't many on the horizon I am interested in, however this could just be because they seem to be running sets of characters from series I have never seen or do not like or perhaps I am just fussy and don't want to spend money on a another school uniform wearing figure, what ever the reason I don't foresee very many figures for me this year, but that's all right. And don't worry I will still be doing comics and pictures when ever I can find the time.