Revoltech Review - Yamaguchi Daisuke Jigen

Lupin III follows the exploits of Lupin the Third grandson of Arsene Lupin the worlds greatest their, Lupin III and his right-hand man Daisuke Jigen along with some other friends are always on the run from the police as they steal and attempt to steal other peoples treasures.

Daisuke Jigen is Lupin's marksman and can perform a .3 second quick-draw and shoots with amazing accuracy. Jigen is good with almost any fire arm and is always seen with a cigarette in his mouth. 


Jigen comes in a standard Revoltech Yamaguchi box.

On the front is a window for viewing the figure, on the side of the box is a picture of the figure, on the other side is information on the Revoltech joint system, all in Japanese, on the back there are pictures of the figure in various poses and of the accessories, also some more information on the figure, and on the bottom is more relevant information, all in Japanese. Also take note that all figures you purchase have the correct authentication printed or stickered on the box.

Inside the box the figure is held between two pieces of molded plastic, with spaces for their accessories. The stand is stored in plastic bags taped to the back of the main plastic packaging. Figures are usually wrapped with plastic in certain areas to protect the paint. Some figures are even held in place with twisty ties and double layers of molded plastic are placed behind the main piece holding long accessories that don't fit in the first piece of packaging.

Revoltech's also come with a little orange box for storing accessories in, for Jigen this box is grey, a special coin is also included, which can be used towards purchases from Kaiyodo affiliated shops in Japan or directly from their website, however this offer only works for people living in Japan.

Packaging = 8/10


Jigen comes with the standard Revoltech Yamaguchi stand. Made of clear plastic it has two points of articulation, two Revoltech joints which allow movement forwards and back and turning. The main piece of the stand plugs onto the V-shaped base, a Revoltech joint is then attached to the end, a bent pole is then attached to the other end, and another Revoltech joint to the end of this. The articulation of the stand allows the Revoltech to be posed in a variety of dynamic poses, and to gain some nice height for jumping poses, it is overall a very well designed stand.

The Revoltech Yamaguchi stand also has another feature, it has one small raised peg on one side of the base so that you can plug one of the figure's feet into the stand's base, this is a nice touch by Kaiyodo as it gives the figure added stability and/or another posing option.

The Revoltech Yamaguchi line also now comes with an extra base piece o which can plug onto the foot of a figure so the figure can stand without use of the main Yamaguchi stand. A very nice and photo-friendly idea by Kaiyodo.

Stand = 8/10 


Jigen's overall design is good, but not fantastic, since the figure is so small and slender his joints are rather visible, however he is an appealing figure anyway due to the fun nature of the character.

Starting from the top his head is one piece so instead of changing face pieces you simply swap whole heads. All of the heads are well sculpted and have great expressions. Hi tie is in two pieces so not to restrict movement and is made of semi-soft PVC as is the lower part of his jacket where it flares out. He has some nice detail on his belt and the upper part of his pants, and his shoes are nicely sculpted, however he has no ankle sculpt instead it is just the bare Revoltech joint, which does not look to great.

Sculpt = 6/10


Jigen has a colour scheme of blue. Not much to say about the paint, mostly block colour but all very neat, however I do like the little specs of hair on the back oh his hands. Such a manly man, as only manly men have hair hands.

Jigen's accessories are well painted, with some very nice shade work done on his special effects pieces, and the flame on his lighter, also the wall piece he comes with is very well painted and looks just great.

Paint = 7/10


Jigen use’s the standard Revoltech Yamaguchi joint system. Revoltech joints are hinge joints with pegs on either end allowing both forward and back movement and rotation.

At the head a Revoltech joint is used at the top of the neck allowing the figure to look up and down and then another Revoltech joint is used at the bottom of the neck to allow him to hunch his neck more. To change heads simply unplug from the Revoltech joint and switch head.

A Revoltech joint is used as the shoulder, which allows a full range of motion. To keep the shape of his jacket another piece in placed between shoulder and upper arm, which also adds a second swivel joint to his shoulder. Further down a Revoltech joint is used as the elbow and bends in and then out straight and there is some slight rotation for the lower arm to turn in and out. At the wrist the various hands plug onto small Revoltech joints allowing the hand to move up and down and swivel.

A large Revoltech joint is then used under his chest so lean forwards and back and at the another large Revoltech joint is used as the waist which allows the figure to bend forwards and back even more and twist side to side. At the hips each leg is attached via a Revoltech joint allowing it move backwards and forwards and turn in and out.

A hinge joint is then used as the knee allowing the knee to bend backwards and then out to straight. The ankle also is a Revoltech joint allowing the foot to point and flex turn in and out.


Jigen is therefore highly posable and can be posed in a variety of ways. With the use of the accessories supplied, his cigarettes and lighter, and his gun and battered wall, he can be displayed in a number of poses, chilling out having a cigarette, having trouble lighting a cigarette, and re-loading his gun while taking cover.

Pose = 9/10


I will break down enjoyment into two categories: Accessories and Play Value.


Jigen comes with three facial expressions; a smiling expression, an angry expression, and a gloomy soggy cigarette expression. Jigen also comes with an assortment of hands; a pair of open hands, a pair of fists, a hand holding a cigarette, a hand for holding his lighter, a hand holding some bullets, a hand holding a gun, and a hand holding a gun which is being loaded.

Jigen also comes with another gun which has a peg to attach it to his back under his jacket, a fold out chair, a cigarette and lighter, and also a piece off wall with spaces to attach effects pieces to look as if the wall is getting hit by gunfire. 

Play Value:

I will break down play value into two categories: Compatibility, with other figures and accessories, and general play.


Revoltech Yamaguchi figures are generally compatible with each other, and so can use almost all the items other Yamaguchi figures have, as well as use their hands.

Next up is a height comparison, as you can see he is roughly the same height as a Figma and a Revoltech Queen's Blade, he may look smaller but that is because of his character design so he appears small looking when put next to my girls, however generally he fits in well with the other figures.

General Play:

In general Jigen like Lupoin is extremely fun, his flexibility and large amount of accessories more than makes up for a few visible joints, and so he is the perfect match if you have the Lupin figure. 

Enjoyment = 10/10

Over all Daisuke Jigen scores 8/10