Over 100,000 Website Views!!!!!

Optimistic Penguin.com has reached over 100,000 individual visitors.

Wow! I am so excited and happy that my website has had so many visitors, you are all more than welcome, and thanked very much. 

My figures got together for a photo of course to celebrate this occasion. 

Though my figures can never get together without some sort of mischief going on. 

Lupin I really think that is sexual harassment please stop!

At least Deunan and Briareos can behave themselves. 

Sakuya its probably best if you keep that sake away from Reimu.

The Actsta's waving hello. 

Uh Sanada don't you think you are getting a bit carried away, or is that Emiri, tee-hee-hee. 

Be careful not to fall of girls. 

And lastly Rider doing what she does best climbing around the place looking creepy.