Spotlight - Pro Custom Figures - Part 4

Welcome to spotlight pro custom figures part four. Pro custom figures is a series which spotlights some of the most amazing custom made figures and their creators.

Then comes a modeller by the name of  Ethylene Dichloride who has done some fun Cosplay Figma's of the girls from Lucky Star dressed up as the girls from PreCure. These figures are very well made and ridiculously cute.

Fantastic work. You can check out more of Ethylene Dichloride's work at fg-site.

Next is Schaft's figma version of Deunan Knute from Appleseed. Using pieces from the WAVE Appleseed Ex Machina figure and a Figma Schaft has created an armed school girl version of Deunan which I think looks pretty cool. You can check out more of Schaft's work at fg-site.

Then there is Fuka's Ichigo from Bleach. This costume just looks amazing, its currently a work in progress but it looks like it is going to be grand. You can check out more of Fuka's work at fg-site.

Next is Guerrero's fun custom Micheal Jackson figure made from Revoltech Lupin the Third. Its such a simple yet fun custom and it just looks great so I thought it was worth a mention. You can check out more of Guerrero's work at fg-site.

Shobo brings the new girl from Pokemon Black and White to life. What a great idea, I am always teaming my figures up with Pokemon figurines and here a figure has now been Poke-rized so that there can be some true Pokemon battle action. You can check out more of Shobo's work at fg-site.

Here we have another rendition of the girls from PreCure by Narumi. Here Narumi has gone for a pure look creating complete new figures rather than Cosplay versions like we saw before. These figures just look grand, really good modelling work here. You can check out more of work Narumi's at fg-site.

Then comes Rebootleg's Noriyuki Izuna from Ga-rei. This is a very cool figure and looks just great, once again another simple but very effective custom figure. You can check out more of Rebootleg's work at fg-site.

One of my favourite modellers is Tiny Toro. First we have Jack Bauer from 24. Interesting to see figure based on a human rather than a anime face. But it makes for a very cool figure I think. 

Also Tiny Toro's latest customs includes one of is Toma Kamijo from To Aru Majutsu no Index and once again a great custom with some nice character related accessories too. 

Also Poplar Taneshima from Working!! and she looks so cute in her uniform. 

Also Tiny Toro is working on some awesome figures at the moment, and one in particular I am keen to see is his Maka Figma from Soul Eater. You can check out more of Tiny Toro's work at Chikyuza.see.saa.

Another favourite of mine and a well known custom figure maker is AMA. First up he has done a rendition of Lupin from Lupin the Third. Here he has Lupin in his first season costume with green jacket. Nothing really much to say about AMA's work except that its so good that it is often mistaken for up and coming Figma's from Max Factory.

A while ago he also did versions of Rider in casual clothes and also a version of Sakura Mato another character from the Fate/Stay night series. 

And lastly AMA has a Figma version of Holo from Spice and Wolf, this time the figure has a more rustic rough look that a perfect plastic finish, however she still looks great. You can check out more of AMA's work at fg-site.