Photography - Skulls & Fish

Here are some lovely photo's of my figures just messing around and having fun, enjoy ^.^

This photo idea was actually inspired by this picture


TAKET0MB0 said...

Wow BRM Looks surprisingly awesome!
Got a chuckle out of the gosspiing skulls too XD I love your pictres!

Anonymous said...

The worse thing is you don't take criticize
If you had a chance to delete my previous comment you should have a chance to post a better article
I'm sorry I take the deleted comment as offensive you just lost one of your big fan I will never go to your blog again

OptimisticPenguin said...

If you are a reader of my website you would have read my post about suffering from fatigue, therefore I have not had much energy to put into my website. I deleted the comment not because I can't take criticism, but because I saw no point in your comment as it did not provide any helpful feed back. You just said it was a boring post, not why or how it could be less boring. And as I said before I am suffering from fatigue at the moment so yeah my website posts are not as exciting, it's also summer and almost Christmas so my life is very busy.

If you want to get offended then thats your own business, and if you want to stop visiting my website thats fine too. I started the website because it was fun for me and I thought I would share my fun for others, if you don't find it fun anymore then by all means stop reading.

I want my website to be a place of fun and joy, not of nonconstructive criticism and offence.

bishiewuvr said...

Don't listen to that guy. He's a jerk.
LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!!! *Loyal fan*

OptimisticPenguin said...

thanks bishiewuvr, but I'm okay, I don't get offended so easily. I am glad you like the photos,
I have a few Christmas posts coming up, and in new year a long list of reviews yet to do :o

bishiewuvr said...

I can imagine, what with Christmas loot coming around XD
Yeah your photos are certainly better than mine. My camera works like crap ^ ^;