Events - Armageddon Expo 2010

Last month in October I went to the Armageddon Expo in Auckland. I just went for a day and Vic Mignogna was there, and well I usually don't care much about celebs or stuff like that, but this voice actor is awesome and I just adore his voice it makes me happy so I took my Ouran Host Club DVDs for him to sign, and off I went. He signed both for me, his name and then Tamaki, the character he plays voice of, plus he said he wanted to give me a hug and a photo, so there I am being hugged by Vic, lol I got all fangirl and excited was embarrassing, oh well, good times. 

Here are my signed DVDs. I will cherish them for always, as Ouran is by far one of my favourite anime series that I have re-watched who knows how many times. 

There was as always the Star Wars group/federation thingy with their own stand, I just love the little kids dressed as Jedi's sooo adorable. 

There were far more cosplayers this year and the caliber of cosplayers was even better as well, I was stocked to see some Ghibli cosplay. 

There was also a cute group of maids. 

And omg EXTERMINATE!!!! its a Dalek, I am not sure if this was a cosplayer or put on by the even but he moved about and his arm thingies wiggled and he made noises, was so grand, it made my day. 

Well that's about it, Armageddon is not overall exciting so I just went for a few hours, oh but one last thing I did buy these...