1st Anniversary Celebration - Competition - Entries Part 3

Now that all the entries are in for the OptimisticPenguin.com Figurine Comic Competition, I thought I would share with you the entries and a few comments for each while I prepare to announce the winners.

Entry 11

Ninjovee is from Philippines 
You can find her work at Tangerine Tango
And this is her entry "Etopen the Penguin"

Comment: This is such a nice little story, I like your new take on this old nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, but poor Etopen, Haruhi needs to be told off, naughty Haruhi pushing over penguins! What did he do to you! lol I hope they eventually manage to get Etopen back on his feet ^^;  

Entry 12
KawaiiOtaku37 is from Canada
You can find her work at YouTube
And this is his entry "Trouble"

Comment: Hahahahaha very punny, oh trouble the penguin is causing trouble for Shut Up. I see Haruhi is back to making movies again, oh please some one save us from the Haruhi madness. Very nice story I like the hand made sets and trouble the troublesome penguin. 
Entry 13

Arctic Kitsune is from Canada
You can find his work at his website Arctic Kitsune 
And this is her entry "Glompguin"

Comment: Very funny cute little comic. Oh the glompable penguin, for those who don't know a lot of glomping goes on over on the Figure.fm blurbs and its one of Arctic Kistunes favourite things to link this image when glomping me in the blurbs. Hence the glomping penguins XD

Entry 14

Morgan Lamia is from the UK
You can find his work at Deviant Art
And this is his entry "Jealousy" 

Comment: Yeah a mecha penguin, lol so cute, and a very funny story. And the moral of this story is never mess with a penguin! Very awesome, I want my own mecha penguin now XD


David John Shewsbury said...

I couldn't find any penguin animal figure and thus can't join the competition this time around... will try next time....

Nonetheless, good luck to all who joined the competition... may the best win....

Anonymous said...

great entries! Was looking forward to seeing these. Is there any way to post larger versions of he first and last entries? Its hard to read the text xP Thanks!

OptimisticPenguin said...

Hi Luthren yeah all the entries are also up on the Figurine Comics club gallery here http://figurine-comics.deviantart.com/gallery/?25808103

You should be able to see up close in there. My blog kinda of compresses pictures automatically.

OptimisticPenguin said...


ninjovee said...

This is awesome~! :3 I loved all the comics! *went through all of them*

I'm also glad that you liked my submission too! It's my very first comic so I thought it might be lame ~_~; I'm also glad it does sound like a Humpty Dumpty retake LOL XD

Morgan Lamia said...

Everyone did a really great job ^^
TisetrendsLegends, TheNewAmAster and ChubbyBots' comics are my top favourites ^^

(Ooh, and I'm from the UK, not the USA, just so you know ^o^)

OptimisticPenguin said...

@Morgan oh no my sources are incorrect *goes an has a word with her person spy force*

@Ninjovee I enjoyed all the comics, its so hard to pick the winners XD *runs around in circles trying to decide*

chubbybots said...

Had a good laugh reading through everyone's comic! I think you will have a problem choosing the winners haha! I like the one where Kureha kissed Sebastion lol :P