1st Anniversary Celebration - Competition - The Winners!!!

Well the end has finally come to the 1st Anniversary Celebration of OptimisticPenguin.com, and to close off the celebrations I will now be announcing the winners of the OptimisticPenguin.com Figurine Comic Competition.

First of all before announcing the winners I would just like to say a few words. Firstly thank you to all who participated I was overwhelmed by the number of entries, far more than I had expected, and I was also amazed by the caliber of the comics, they were always fun and hilarious in their own way and it was very very hard for me to pick the winners out of so many great comics, and even though I had a scoring system for marks I still found it hard, if only I could give you all prizes!!!! 

However there has to be winners, please do not be discouraged if you didn't get a prize this time around, due to the quality and quantity of the comics I am definitely considering making Figurine Comic competitions a more regular thing here at OptimisticPenguin.com and at the Figurine Comics club. Now with out further a due I present the winners!!!!

1st Place

First place is snatched up by Chubbybot!!!! with his comic Sanae's Penguin.

His comic was not only a fun original story, but with some devious white lies by Yoko Kero decides to help Sanae make a penguin to win a Gunpla scratch build contest! I was very impressed with the self-made Kero Penguin Chubbybot made especially for the contest. Hat's off to you Chubbs. 

So Chubbybot now gets the wonderful Nendo Music Room set, which will be a lovely place for Sanae and Yoko to hang out in. Congratulations. 

Your item is ready and waiting to be lovingly shipped out to you.

2nd Place

Second place is grabbed by TheNewAmAster and his comic Konata's New Best Friend.

This story was original, fun, and amusing. Konata searches for a new friend, decides cats are not for her and neither are Rancors!!! and so she decides on PenPen and a beautiful friendship is born. A girl and her penguin playing games kicking Empire butt and becoming outlaws. This comic has it all, I also really like the set changes.

So well done TheNewAmAster a nice Figma Ex:Ride Vintage Bike, which I am sure will help Konata and PenPen make some quick getaways when they are on the run from the Empire. 

Your item is wrapped and waiting for you. 

3rd Place

And finally AnimatorAR steals third place with his comic Penguin Plus Rocket. 

I liked this comic very much and was tough contender, the sets are great the penguins look fantastic, and how can people not love another crazy Haruhi escapade. Penguins flying also brings a smile to anyones face. So great job fun story, lovely comedic timing, and very cool sets. 

So AnimatorAR will be receiving the lovely cute Toeto phone charm. 

Toeto is wrapped and waiting to be sent to her new master. 

And so there we are the competition and celebrations come to a close. I'd just like to once again thank all the entrants for making and sharing with me their wonderful comics and penguin antics. Lets all continue to spread the joy and happiness of Figurine Comics.

Thanks also to all my fellow readers, onto a new year of blogging I go with my Penguin in hand! Much love and appreciation,

Sara ^.^


OptimisticPenguin said...

Please could all the winners email me your shipping address to sara.fearon@optimisticpenguin.com

Lightning Sabre said...

Congratz to the winners! I'll be stalking AnimatorAR for that Toeto charm now, lol jk jk. Happy Blogday once more OP!

Ooh now I guess I can put a behind-the-scenes pictures on my blog :D

Xine said...

Congratulations to the winners! ^^

Singer Yuna said...

Congrats to the winners!! Really nice penguins *.*
And happy anniversary again Sara!

chubbybots said...

Wow Sara, didn't expect this! Happy anniversary and thanks for organizing this!

phossil said...

Congratz to the winners!!! ;)

David John Shewsbury said...

As expected from Chubby, my prediction is correct LOL... congrats to Chubby.... champion here and there...

JC said...

Encore! (gotta' give it a try sometime)