1st Anniversary Celebration - Competition - Entries Part 1

Now that all the entries are in for the OptimisticPenguin.com Figurine Comic Competition, I thought I would share with you the entries and a few comments for each while I prepare to announce the winners. 

Entry 1 

Singer Yuna is from Spain 
You can find her work at MyFigrueCollection.net 
And this is her entry "Penguin Tuxedo"

Comment: Oh no Madagascar penguins are at it again! I love this little story reminiscent of the princess and the frog, but in reverse and with penguins XD a very cute and amusing story, good job. 

Entry 2 

TisetrendsLegends is from the USA
And this is his entry "Fowl Play"

Comment: This comic is short but sweet, and very punny XD also it reminds me of one of The Muppet Classical Chicken video. Very cool idea, but the poor big penguin is out of tune XD 

Entry 3

Yami-Usagi is from the USA
You can find her work on Deviant Art 
And this is her entry "Penguins"

Comment:  This story is really cute, I love how it made me laugh and "aww" at the same time, also love how the ducks, I mean penguins, keep increasing in number in each frame, lol the penguins just want to be your friend and love you to death XD

Entry 4

TheNewAmAster is from the USA
You can find his work at Deviant Art
And this is his entry "Konata's New Best Friend"

Comment: First of all in what universe is a Rancor an affectionate pet?! O.o  and oh my isn't PenPen a pricey little penguin! Although this wasn't designed as an entry for my contest I spotted it and told Alex he should enter it, and its a strong contester for the prize, I mean I maybe biased but who cannot love the exploits of a girl and her penguin pal! 

Entry 5

AnimatorAR is from the USA
You can find his work at Deviant Art
And this is her entry "Penguin Plus Rocket"

Comment: First of all I love the set, its just really nice. But oh gosh Haruhi is at it again! Love the different kinds of penguins used, a fun story line, penguins with rocket packs, Haruhi antics, whats not to like! 


Lightning Sabre said...

I dunno why, but I like puns a lot (Re: TisetrendsLegends' entry) XD