Project - Cafe - Part 9

Recently I have been working on a figure project, my mystery project. Well I saw recently however it had been put on hold for rather a long while, but yesterday I was able to complete the last stage of my project and so the mystery will be exposed!

The reason why my project was delayed for so long was 1) because I got very busy with University and 2) I hadn't been able to get to a craft store for more supplies.

However I was able to pop into one yesterday and so I spent the afternoon completing my mystery project.

The first thing to do was to carpet the room, for this I had to take off the back wall and use a combination of of stapling and taping. 

Also I had to cut the fabric to shape to fit all the various parts of the room.

Carpeting took a long time to do and was very fiddly. 

I finally got the carpet down and so I moved on to wallpapering. 

Simply attached wallpaper by tape, and the wallpaper is some scrap-booking paper bought from a craft shop. 

Once the back wall was done I cut out the hole for the window and fitted it, put some skirting up the join line of the paper and re-attached the back wall to the floor. I then did the side wall. 

Then it was onto the other wall where the door would be fitted. Once again put on the wallpaper and cut hole for the door and fitted it. Then I attached all my skirting board around the bottom of the walls. 

After that I carpeted and attached the step, and attached the railings to the floor and also I made a nice Cafe black board and attached that to the wall. On the outside wall I used some letters that I had purchased to spell out the name of the project, OMG mystery revealed, yes its a brand new figure Cafe, Cafe Mode. I then covered the side wall and the step with torn paper so that the Cafe had a worn and derelict feel as if it is a new Cafe put up in recently derelict building, just to add some character to the place. 

So there we go Cafe Mode the brand new figure Cafe. And so I put in the final touches. Put in all the furniture I have and fitted the Display Case, I also poked some holes in the back wall so that I could have two paper clip hooks to hang items on. 

And here is Cafe Mode in all its glory, looking just lovely if I do say so myself. 

I am very pleased with the final look of the figures new Cafe. 

And so the figures rushed in to get comfortable in their new Cafe.