Miniature Review - FREEing Figma Ex:Ride American Bike

FREEing have recently brought out a number of great accessories for Figma's including the Ex:Ride American Bike.

FREEing have recently been bringing us a number of accessories for Figma's called the Ex:Ride. Today's review is of the American Bike by FREEing.


The American Bike comes in a black box with nice metallic red writing on it. The front has a nice window to view the item, on the back is all the relevant information, in Japanese, and on each side is the name of the series and the item.

Inside the item is held together between two pieces of moulded plastic casing and also additional plastic wrapping is used around the item.

Packaging = 6/10


The American Bike comes with a stand which just helps steady the bicycle and hold it in place when on display, a nice little addition.

The Bike also comes with a hole in the bottom so that it can attach to the regular Figma stand, so you can get some nice action poses of it flying through the air, a very nice feature.

Stand = 8/10


The American Bike sculpt is in the style of classic kind of American Motorbike, and it looks awesome.

The detail on the Bike is rather awesome, the engine is pretty well moulded and looks very convincing. It just simply looks fantastic, plus it is sturdy and unlike the Classic Bicycle does not feel as if it could be easily broken which is good. As for parts, well the wheels tires are made of rubber as is the seat making them look very realistic, all the lights are made of semi-clear or clear plastic also making it look really nice, however the front main light as it is clear plastic you can the see moulding inside which is not as nice, they could have at least  put a piece behind it so that you are not looking through the joining of each plastic piece, but oh well. 

The Bike also comes with several points of movement, there are the wheels that spin, the stand which swings out, the handle bars also can move up and down, and the starter peddles turn. So a very nice and realistic style bike.

Sculpt = 9/10


This is the American Bike Metallic Red.

The paint work on the Bike is good, a few errors here and there but generally good. Nice metallic red and shiny silver/grey. For detail however they supply you with a sheet of decal with some designs on it, which you can then choose which ones to put on your Bike and where to put them. Also the mirrors you have to attach yourself which was no problem. However the decals were a nightmare. Now I have used decals before and usually have no problem with them, but these ones work strangely, you have kind of slide it off slightly with out breaking it then hold and edge in place with one finger while you slide it off the rest of the way, and well originally I was going to put the black flames on my bike but it kept either breaking when I was first sliding a section off or it stuck to the finger that was keeping it in place, etc. So I was not very impressed with that.

Decals aside it also would have been nice if they include either sticker or decal for the dash board, speedometer and such and also for a number plate.

Paint = 6/10


The American Bike is very awesome, I have always been a fan of large motorbikes so I knew I had to get my hands on one of these. It just looks so awesome, and how cool do figures look riding one of these bad boys. The Bike works well with Figma's as its designed for them but it also fits the Yamaguchi Revoltech figures and Vash in particular looks awesome on the Bike . I am looking forward to more fun items from FREEing.

So although not happy with the paint completely and think that they could do better in that respect I do thoroughly enjoy this item is very cool.

Enjoyment = 9/10

Over all the Figma Ex:Ride American Bike scores 7.6/10