Photography - Imitation

Here are some lovely photo's of my figures imitating some wonderful things, enjoy ^.^

Alleyne imitating the Birth of Venus, a famous painting by Botticelli.
Another picture of Alleyne looking lovely.
Fate being a treasure hunter.

She found some treasure!

Cute wearing an outfit reminiscent of olden day swim wear.

Marisa also wears some old style clothing. 

Saber doing an imitation of the moment she pulled the sword from the stone.

Mikuru doing her own version of little red riding hood in the forest.
Mikuru doing a wolverine impression.

Raspberyl and Pastel Ink getting in touch with their inner child playing in a nursery.
The next few images aren't really imitations, they are just Rider looking cool.
Rider with lots of chains.
Rider looking down over the city. 
The rest of the photo shoot can be seen at my Deviant Art gallery.