Comic - Cafe Mode

Since the closing of Cafe Rock there has a been a void in the life of the figure girls. However one entrepreneurial minded girl Tsuruya decides to open up her own Cafe. Will Tsuruya find a place to set up her Cafe, and will it be as successful as the once loved Cafe Rock? Join Tsuruya in this episode of Figure Comic - Cafe Mode and find out!


chubbybots said...

Wow love the whole set up and story! The effort really paid off for the cafe! I foresee Tsuruya expanding another new cafe soon ^^ My figures could really use a cafe like that for some R & R!

OptimisticPenguin said...

Lol don't know about another cafe, the items to fill it are rather costly but I do have plans to extend my set to some other scenes like perhaps a park or something XD