1st Anniversary Celebration - Competition - 10 Days To Go!!!

The countdown starts as there are 10 days left for all those hopeful figurine comic artist to get their entries is for OptimisticPenguin.com's Figure Comic Competition.  

Okay folks so the countdown has started for all hopefuls to get their entries in by the 31st of July, which is ten days away.

So far four entries have been submitted and I can say that the competition is going to be tough, I have seen some very good figure comics. But I am looking forward to seeing many more amazing comics!!! So keep them coming people.

Also just some housekeeping, any participants who do not want their comics to be displayed on my website and on the Figurine Comics Club at Deviant Art please say so in your email otherwise I will assume that its all good. 

So on the 1st of August a post will be going up with all of the lovely comic entries as well as some preliminary comments by me, and then a few days after I shall be announcing the winners, and just to refresh you on the prizes here they are in all their brand new shiny wonderful glory!!!

The lovely Nendo Music Room set for the first place winner. 

The pretty Vintage Bike for the second place winner.

And this little cutie for the third place winner. 

So get your entries in within the next 10 days so you don't miss out.

Once again email all entries to sara.fearon@optimisticpenguin.com


Aya said...

can't wait see the competitors :)