1st Anniversary Celebration - Competition

Happy Birthday OptimistitcPenguin.com!!! Yes the celebrations continue this time with my websites first ever COMPETITION!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

To celebrate OptimisticPenguin.com's 1st Birthday I am running a competition! YEAH!!!! Don't you just love competitions, I know I do.

So what type of competition is it you may ask??? 

Well it's a Figure Comic of course!!!!!

I want you to make the most funniest, most silly, most wonderful comic you can think of, anything goes, go all out, use as many figures, props, and photo editing as you like.

However there is one very key ingredient which all entries must have in order to be considered for prizes. Some where within the comics storyline there has to be... (drum roll please) *drum roll* a PENGUIN!!!!!

Yep your comic has to include one of the most wonderful animals in the world the penguin!

Okay on to the rules so you have some clear guidelines to follow (just in case all of the above did not make sense).

  • All entries must be figurine comics, meaning that the comics storyline is played out by using articulated figures. Photo's should be combined to two per panel with a maximum of six panels in each comic (click here for an example)
  • Any Genre is fine, however comics with material which requires 18+ rating will not be accepted, so please refrain from using sexually explicit content in your entries, however innuendo is permitted. 
  • Photo editing is allowed and encouraged, I use it a lot in my comics to add speech and action effects. 
  • A penguin must be present in the comic as a part of the storyline, this can either be in a physical representation or in the dialog. Remember it is OptimisticPenguin.com so we want some fun penguin antics. 
  • All entries must be in by July 30th 2010. 
  • And the last most important rule is to have fun! 

But why should I even bother entering this competition you may ask??? 

Because there are awesome prizes to be won of course!!!!

First Place Prize: 

Yep that's right a Nendoroid Culture Festival Play set A & B!!!! The first place winner will get these brand new wonderful Play sets. 

Second Place Prize:

The second place winner will get this lovely Figma Ex:Ride Vintage Bike, brand new and in this lovely Pearl White Colour. 
Third Place Prize:
well the third prize is yet to be decided, but it will be awesome thats for sure!
So what do I need to do to get an awesome prize you ask???
Well the comics will be marked as follows:
  1. Storyline: How original and interesting the storyline is. 
  2. Humor: How much your story made me laugh. 
  3. Aesthetics: Use of props, setting, and editing.  
  4. Use of Penguin: How well a penguin was incorporated into your story.
All will be given a mark out of ten which I can then use to calculate an overall mark to make sure there is no accidental bias. 
Is that all???


Just make your awesome comic send it too me before the July 30th and wait to hear who the lucky winners are. 
Please send your images as an attachment via email to: sara.fearon@optimisticpenguin.com 
Good Luck!!!


Singer Yuna said...

International contest?

OptimisticPenguin said...

lol of course! there are hardly any figure collectors I know of in NZ :P

chubbybots said...

Congrats on the 1st year ^^. I stumbled on your site via figure fm. Very nice! Hopefully I can find a penguin for the contest haha :P

Fabienne said...

Congratulations to your websites 1st birthday =)
The competition sounds really interesting.

KawaiiOtaku37 said...

Yay a contest! With amazingly awesome prizes! :D I'm so entering, once I get my other figma :P

OptimisticPenguin said...

yeah enter enter *jumps up and down getting excited*

David John said...

Finally I can also be one of the participants... hahahaha.... I will promote this in Shewsbury Land and hopefully more people will try their luck.

All the best....

OptimisticPenguin said...

Thanks John, yeah I have a Figurine Comic club on Deviant Art and I have invited the members to enter as well :)

LEon said...

Happy anniversary. I see if I can come out with something. LOL

OptimisticPenguin said...

yeah so many people showing interest in entering, lol was afraid I might end up with only two entries.

Singer Yuna said...

Nah dont worry Sarah...Well...nowadays Im a little serious mode...but Ill see if I find a hilarious comic for you ^^

KawaiiOtaku37 said...

Working on the set for my comic as we speak. :D
I'm afriad it won't be in very soon. I have to go to camp next week. But it will be in after that. :D

OptimisticPenguin said...

good to here KawaiiOtaku37, but no rush entries close at the end of July :)

GunStray said...

Hey somebody agrees with me, Penguins shud be the domminant bird species^^;

But yeah grats on the 1st aniversary

OptimisticPenguin said...

hehehe yes penguins reign supreme XD

Anonymous said...

I already started my entry~
Sadly, I do not have very many penguin-related objects, so I'm gonna hafta wing it...haha get it?

OptimisticPenguin said...

hahhahaha very punny!!