Miniature Review - Reac Design Interior Collection Mini Chairs

Reac's highly collectible miniatures inspired by some of the greatest chairs ever created. 


Each chair comes in a nicely decorated box with information on the collection at one end. 

Inside chair's come fully assembled and held between two pieces of moulded plastic packaging. 

Packaging = 7/10
Each item is sculpted very well. The textures, design, and detail of all are fantastic, however they feel very delicate and are not items you want falling off things or flying across the room. They are made of all plastic however some of the chairs have a hard-leather-like fabric over the cushions. 
Sculpt = 9/10
There is not really paint work as such on these items as the pieces are generally moulded in their colours however the colours and textures are very nice. 
Paint = 8/10
I will break down enjoyment into two categories: Play Value and Compatibility.
Play Value:
The Reac chairs are made to a wonderful quality and simply as collectors items they are beautiful. They are great for people wanting to create miniature scenes and they also can work well with some figures to create lovely photo opportunities. 
The Reac chairs vary in their compatibility, this is mainly due to the individual design of each piece. They are generally in 1/12 scale and so they are slightly too small for most figures. However as I said before the sofa's look fine as seating for Figm's and Nendoroid's, however most of the chairs are slightly too small looking.  
Enjoyment = 8/10
Overall Reac Design Interior Collection  Mini Chairs scores 8/10