Re-Ment Review - Bread and Butter Collection

Indulge yourself to these extremely gorgeous baked goods. You will be amazed to see all the cakes, cookies, pastries and breads come in seperate pieces! Design your own miniature bakery with these mouth watering treats. 


The set comes as it would to a store, with a big box which can be made into a display and with each item being in its own little box.

Inside each individual box the item is packaged in plastic bags, and most of the paper pieces are flat ready to fold and make into boxes. 
The Bread and Butter collection also come with a printed card describing a bio of the baker for each set, this makes for some cute reading and personalizes each set. 
Packaging = 8/10
Each piece in this collection is beautifully crafted. The detail on all the pieces is just astounding they look so delicious and edible. With each piece a wonderfully coloured paper craft box is supplied to be folded and formed or a paper bag specific to the bakery set, in which you can store items. Honestly I cannot express how detailed and intricate each set is and I am once again Re-Ment has impressed me with their level of detail. All the pieces are free objects and can come of their trays and plates so that you can mix and match, the cake tongs can actually bend as they are made of semi-soft plastic, lids of jars and containers can be removed, all the wicker baskets are made of soft plastic, the coffee cylinder can be opened and even the egg in the cup can be removed!  Re-Ment are truly wonderful miniatures. 
Sculpt = 9/10

The paint work on these items is as detailed as the sculpting, with beautiful colours, shading and fine detail, they really look good enough to eat and make me hungry every time I look at them. Once again fantastic job by Re-Ment. 
Paint = 9/10


I will break down enjoyment into two categories: Accessories and Play Value.

The Bread and Butter collection is a set of 10 pc's. I will now go through what each pc contains. 
Set one Grandma's Homemade Treats comes with a paper craft box a basket three cookies, which are nicely decorated, and three yummy pastries. 
Set two Free Spirit Bakery comes with a paper craft box and a blue tray and some lovely animal shaped bread, including a stack of turtle bread, there is also a yummy muffin and a ginger-bread man . 
Set three Healthy Happy Bagels comes with a basket and a paper bag, and three whole bagels, one bagel which is split in half with cream cheese spread on it and another bagel which is split in half with a nice ham-sandwich filling, there is even a container of cream cheese. These make me so hungry as I love bagels!
Set four Uncle Will's Cookies comes with a paper bag, two green trays and an assortment of cookies and two large lollipops.

Set five French Breads Delight comes with a paper bag, a bread board, a basket, four different types of bread, a sack of flour and a scoop, and also an egg in a cup, so you can get into some real bread making action. 
Set six Lovely Danish comes with a nice paper craft box and a cake stand and plate, as well as six delicious pastries, the cake stand can be used as two separate pieces or as one two leveled display.
Set seven Lunch at Tom's Cafe comes with a cafe menu a basket filled with sugar and milk packets, a large take-away cup of coffee, a coffee cylinder, a black basket with paper insert, a round loaf of bread filled with soup and a spoon. Hmmm  I want soup in a bowl of bread! 
Set eight Mary Jane's Fruit Pie and Tarts comes with a paper craft box and a blue cake stand, a very patriotic American fruit pie, two slices of pie and a fruit tart, and also a nice cake slice knife, or what ever they are called! 

Set nine Two Brothers Italian Bakery comes with a paper bag, a large jar with six pieces of biscotti, a black tray and a pink plate, three little biscuits, a pizza bread and some olive bread.

Set ten Elegant Muffins and Scones comes with a very lovely display stand, with nicely painted elegant plates which are placed on the main stand, a pair of tongs are also provided, and of course three scones, two muffins and another sort of small cake.

So overall a large selection of baked goods to choose from.

Play Value:

I will break down play value into two categories: Compatibility, with other figures and accessories, and general play


The Bread and Butter Collection is  1/6 scale and so it a bit too large for Figma's and Nendoroid's, however as it is food one can just pretend that they are extra large portions, and so even though it is not precisely in  Figma scale it still is convincing enough to use for display purposes. The Bread and Butter Collection like other Re-Ment items are in the same scale as the MegaHouse Mini Collection and so they fit nicely into my MegaHouse Mini Collection Display Case.

General Play:
The Bread and Butter Collection is just wonderful, it makes my mouth water and gives me lots of options for display in my MegaHouse Mini Collection Display Case. Also my figures can chow down on some very delicious food, lucky lucky them. 

Enjoyment = 10/10

Overall the Bread and Butter Collection scores 9/10