MegaHouse Mini Collection Review - Display Case

Create your own shop with this Display Case. Fill it up with what ever MegaHouse/Re-Ment products you own to make a mouth watering display of miniature treats. 


On the front of the box is a picture of the Display Case filled with goodies, on the side are more pictures of the Display Case, and on the other side are pictures of a MegaHouse/Re-Ment product which can be used in this Display Case.

Inside everything is in a plastic bags and held securely with card board.

Packaging = 7/10


The sculpt is pretty much straight forward, clear plastic for the glass, nice removable shelf in the middle with two adjustable heights, some nice storage area's under the display case. A nice cut out box in the back to reach in and move things about or having figures learning in picking something off from the shelf, and the front piece of glass is removable to easy rearrangement of display. Display Case also come with two tilted plinths so that food can be displayed in a nice viable way.

Sculpt = 8/10


Nothing much to mention about the paint as there isn't much, however nice gold logo on the front and nice gold edging to the cabinet.

Paint = 6/10


I will break down enjoyment into two categories: Accessories, Compatibility, and Play Value.


The Display Case does come with some accessories, two cookie jars are included with removable lids and a few ginger-bread men and chocolate bear are included for putting in the jars.  A number of paper items are also included, some posters, a menu, some price tags, and four labels for the cookie jars (only two in the photo as I no longer have the others, also there are two place mats for cups which I no longer have, paper gets lost if you are not careful!).

The Display Case is 1/6 and so is in scale with MegaHouse and Re-Ment products. It is a bit on the large size for Figmas and Nendoroids and even Fraulein Revoltech. However with a little ingenuity you can get it looking the right size for these figures if you wish, or you can simply use it to display your Re-Ment collection. 

Play Value: 
As for play value I found the Display Case to be a wonderful product. I can display all my Re-Ment food and it just looks great, and I can also use to in a diorama for my figures. I recommend to any Re-Ment collectors or people looking for a fun miniature for diorama's. 

Enjoyment = 10/10

Over all MegaHouse Mini Collection Display Case scores 7.75/10