Figure Washing

Last night I decided to give my Figma's a much needed bath. Well I haven't washed my figures since I got them and so some of them who have spent a lot of time running around outside have been very dirty and scratched of late, and so I thought I better give them all a wash. I prepped my figures for their bath by taking them all apart into little pieces so that they could get a thorough wash. I also set up a little wash station. In the bucket I filled it with warmish water and put in lots of liquid hand-wash soap, it smelt really nice and flowery. I then got a flannel and some cotton buds to scrub figures if I needed to. And of course a towel for them to sit on after being washed. 

I then poured all the pieces into the bucket and gave them a bit of a swish to make sure they were spread evenly. I left them for about 3 minutes and then stirred them again to make sure every one got nice and soapy, and then left perhaps for 5 or so minutes. Then I began taking them out piece by piece, checking that they were clean, scrubbing parts which needed extra cleaning (using my cotton buds) and dried then slightly (with the flannel) and then put them on the towel to dry. 

Once I had them all out of the water I then put the containers into soak. I store all my extra parts in containers so I thought I better wash them too. 

Here are all my figure parts lined out for drying. Since it is winter and evening I put a bright light on them to help them dry quicker, and I left them for an hour or more. Then later I had the wonderful task of putting them all back together. 

And this morning my girls wanted to line up for a photo proving that they are now very clean and smell like flowers! And yes I only washed my Figma's I have yet to wash the rest of my figures *sigh*