Spotlight - Pro Custom Figures - Part 3

Welcome to spotlight pro custom figures part six. Pro custom figures is a series which spotlights some of the most amazing custom made figures and their creators.

First up is Sakitan-san's Akira Kogami from Lucky Star. This is a cute figure and very well made, and is made from other Lucky Star Figma's.

Her costume is great and her painting is excellent especially her hair which is nicely shaded. Very cute and I am sure will be the envy of any Lucky Star fan. You can check out more of Sakitan-san's work at fg-site.
Next up is Silently Coming's Louise Fran├žoise from The Familiar of Zero. This Nendoroid is actually inspired by another sculptor Bisuke who's work can be found on fg-site.  Bisuke's version inspired Silently Coming to make his own custom Nenodoroid. And isn't it just cute, so adorable and pretty.
Silently Coming's work is just done to a wonderful standard and looks like an authentic Nendoroid. You can check out more of Silently Coming's work at fg-site.
Then there is Toro Chibi's Haruhi Suzumiya custom Figma. Toro Chibi brings us another amazing custom figure, this time of Haruhi in her younger years.
Toro Chibi has done a number of custom Figma's and is pretty famous for them, his work is always to an exceptional standard and is fantastic. You can check out more of Toro Chibi's work at his blog.
Next is NAGA's custom Figma Akiha Tohno from Tsukihime. It's just a beautiful figure, with nice costume and paint and hair.
NAGA even made a swimsuit body for the figure, which looks just wonderful, just lovely work. You can check out more of NAGA's work at his fg-site.
Then there is a custom Figma I would love to see as a real product, Imo Imo's Yufi from Final Fantasy VII. She is just so cute, well painted and designed and just oozing Yufi cuteness. Nothing much to say except excellent.
You can check out more of Imo Imo's work at fg-site.