Spotlight - Photos that Inspire - Part 2

Welcome to spotlight photos that inspire part two. Photos that inspire is a series which spotlights figurine photographers who show imagination and expression in their work.

First up is Donsolo.

Don is a draftsman from central California, and has been a geek all his life. Collecting figure is just a natural extension of his various interests. Don is 'hands on' by nature and so if there is a character of specific art style he likes he loves to have a physical incarnation of it to photograph and play with. Don however is pretty selective in what he picks up and tends to gravitate towards unique robots and mecha musume and Busou Skinki are a personal favourite.

I like the creativity and combination of characters Don uses in his photo's and the above is my favourite, Bender one of my favourite characters doing what he does best and pimp'n it with Drossel, just awesome. Please check out Donsolo's work at his page and at his Flickr page, or at his Tumblr page.
Next up is Mako-chan.

Mako-chan started collecting Chobits figures in 2008, before that she only had bought a few Gashapon and other small figures from series which were released in Germany and which were available at local shops. Now Mako-chan has a collection of pretty figures from Japan and says "I just started buying the figures I want." Mako-chan is also is into Garage Kit figures and making her own custom figures.

I have been a fan of Mako-chan for a long time and enjoy viewing her lovely Garage Kit figures, as for photography Mako-chan has her own style, it's pretty, sweet and elegant. She picks out lovely scenery and sets to accentuate the femininity in her figures. The above photo is a special favourite of mine and was actually the picture that inspired me to start buying accessories for my figures. Please check out Mako-chan's work at her page and her Deviant Art page, or at her Kit site.
Then there is Eppn.
Eppn or Doomfest is from the US and is an aspiring artist. Eppn has an affinity for pretty things, whether it be a painting or a figure. Eppn now collects figures and muses that "in some cases Figma's actually serve as inspiration for poses."

This photo is one that really stood out for me as not only a figure photo but as a piece of art. The set was constructed by Eppn and features Figma Aegis. It is a beautiful picture that is just captivating. Eppn I look forward to more work like this. Please check out Eppn's work at Eppn's page.
Vixion is a collector and Gunpla modeler. Vixion collects figures of characters that are memorable to him, and he likes taking photo's of his collection and Gunpla as it's the only way of showing them to others, and Vixion wants to show them in a beautiful way.

Vixion achieves this by having beautiful photo's, simple compositions with the figure as the main focus of beauty. His lighting is always great and his figures seem to glow. Please check out Vixion's work at his page and his blog Vision of Vixion.

Next is Spade13th.

Spade13th is from the Philippines and is an illustrator, digital artist, figure collector, an aspiring figure photographer and an active member of OtaKai Figure Society (OFS). OFS is an online Filipino figure forum that focuses mainly on Japanese toy/collectibles. Spade13th figure line of choice are 'femme fateles.' Spade13th loves collecting as much as he loves taking photos, and sometimes borrows figures from friends and fellow collectors to use in photos, he also will sometimes take shots in public.

Spade13th's photo's are both beautiful and creative. He manages to capture the essence and character of the figures so flawlessly. Please note that the above figures belong to his friend Sepoy who you check out at his page. Please check out Spade13th's work at his page and his Deviant Art page.

Momonoji is next.

Momonoji enjoys collecting figures and has liked Kamen Rider since he was child and so collects Kamen Rider figures. Momonoji isn't normally into SD figures but he saw Nendoroid Raspberryl and liked her as he likes very cute figures saying "their faces... so cute.."

Momonoji is always coming up with fun and adventurous figure photo's and once again is an artist who captures slices of excitement in his figures life, bringing them to life and giving them real character. Please check out Momonoji's work at his page.

Next up is Neo Valkyrie.
Neo Valkyrie has been collecting figures since 2008. Neo always loved the art of anime and so saw figure collecting as a way of owning a piece of that art. Neo started off by collecting figures from series she was familiar with but then found that some of the best figures were from series she had never heard of. Now nothing can stop her from buying a figure as long as she loves the character design, or the show it comes from. Neo has a varied collection of large scale figures, Nendoroids, action figures, Gashapon and a few plushies. Unfortunately most of her collection is still unopened as she does not have sufficient space to display them.

Neo Valkyrie I feel for you, my own collection of action figures has gotten to such a size that I now roster figures on display, so some weeks three or four will be in my storage box and the rest will be displayed! Anyway I digress. I love Neo's photo's because they are bursting with items, she has created a little living world for her Nendoroids to play in, it is as if you are taking a sneak peek into their life. Please check out Neo Valkyrie's work at her page and her Flickr page, or her Live Journal.


Tokunaga describes herself as a 'big nerd who likes big nerdy things, especially if they're small and cute and posable.' Tokunaga is a girl after my own heart, and she has a nice collection of Nendoroids and other figures.

Tokunaga has a flare for cute and the above picture in particular is a personal favourite, and yes I maybe bias because it has both a penguin and a kitty cat both of which I adore. Please check out Tokunaga's work at her page and her blog Tokunaga Toys.

Next up is OvermanXAN.
OvermanXAN is mainly a gamer, an anime fan, and amateur photographer. Overman started figure photography more than a year ago seeing that photography can bring a lot from figures, and that seeing other peoples work he was inspired to go further and make better photo's in the future, and his hoping to achieve this by getting more figures and improving his photographic skills.

Overman is another artist I have watched for a while, and his photo's are clearly improving. His photo's are vibrant and full of colour, and I especially love his Lucky Star Pokemon photo's Figma and Pokemon are just a winning combination.  Please check out OvermanXAN's work at his Deviant Art page.

And finally Singer Yuna.

Singer Yuna collects figures because she loves certain characters and considers some figures as sculpted masterpieces, her favourite figure being KOS-MOS ver 4 by Alter. However Singer Yuna mainly collects Nendoroids and it is these who have fun adventures.

Singer Yuna's photo's are lovely, nice quality and beautiful scenery. Please check out Singer Yuna's work at her page and her blog Dressed in Blue.

I hope you enjoyed the photo's as much as I do and have taken the time to view some of the artists pages. Tomorrow the part three of the Photo's that Inspire will go up, with many more amazing artists.