Spotlight - Photos that Inspire - Part 1

Welcome to spotlight photos that inspire part three. This time around we will be spotlighting  figurine photographers who show imagination and expression in their work which astound and inspires.

First up is Happa02.

Happa02 is a college student who loves cute and small things. Happa02 started off by collecting Miku figures and did not intend to collect beyond that, however when she purchased the Miku Nendoroid it was downhill from there and she was hooked and obsessed with the cute little Nendoroids.

This is one of my favourite photo's of Happa02's as it oozes cuteness and is just a wonderful composition. Please check out more of Happa02's work at her page.
Next is Noah.

Noah is a Filipino toy collector and is mostly into mecha model kits and actions figures, such as Revoltech and Figma. Noah collects figures for fun and especially enjoys kits and action figures because you can pose them in any way imaginable, even create comic strips. Noah also notes that "I admire other people's photographs because they can express their inner artist within their shots."

This love for expression is shown in these two photo's of Haruhi dubbed 'xprz urslf', and don't they just, they have a wonderful attitude and feeling about them which is commendable. Please check out more of Noah's work at his page.

Pjal is next.

Pjal comes from Sabah in Malaysia and is a fan of anime and when seeing a favourite character sculpted beautifully in figure form Pjal finds it hard to resist, and so figure collecting is now Pjal's hobby.

This is one of my favourite photo's of Pjal's because it is imaginative and just plain cute. This is just one of the many lovely photo's by Pjal so please check out Pjal's page and Pjal's blog Nendorain World.
Next up is Keychain.
Keychain grew up with Macross and Mecha's and this then led to the whole world of anime and figure collecting. Keychain then started collecting Nendoroids, which in turn snowballed into a figure collecting addiction.  Keychain is an artist at heart, and in looking for a new outlet of expression gave photography a try. Keychain says "the best thing about photography to me is the challenge of getting 'that' shot". Keychain finds that throwing photography into the mix of figure collecting opens up a new world of expression, which is fun and allows experimentation and personality and vision to be shared with the world.

I love Keychain's photo's because they have so much imagination. The one of Miku's taking a photo of Miku is just so cute and inventive. And my second favourite is Miku dreaming of leaks, just cute. Also Keychain's photography skill is just wonderful. Please check out Keychain's work at his page and his blog Stecil.Reset.

Then comes Rendy Agustinus.

Rendy Agustinus is from Indonesia and likes manga and anime and Japanese drawing in general. Rendy collects Nendoroids and just can't get enough of them with a "Gotta get 'em all" mentality, and Rendy loves them so much that he has dubbed himself Rendoroid. Rendy finds that Nendoroids are creative and fun toys that can be collected and modelled artistically for photos.

I love Rendy's photo's as they are cute and have interesting compositions, and he uses a number of accessories to create nice little scenes. Please check out Rendy's work at his page and his facebook page.
Then there is AniPsy.
AniPsy is 26 year old office manager who collects figures as a hobby. This hobby has led AniPsy to become a 'photogeek.'
AniPsy is a person who really inspires and entertains me, his two photo's Kaito's Quest and the following one The Hunter are both very creative and ridiculously funny. AniPsy's photo's are not only visually beautiful but fun and adorable, and an instant favourite. Please check out AniPsy's work at his page.
Danicruz29 is farely new to the figure photography world.
Dani is a figure collector from the Philippines who loves watching anime, playing video games and figure collection and is a quintessential Otaku. Dani is a 'posable' figure collector and collects action figures because they are a physical representation of characters that he loves and because you can create and recreate various scenarios with the only limit being your imagination.

Although Dani only has a few figure photo's you can see that he brings in all his various passions into them, I mean anime figures playing video games, just classic. Please check out Dani's work at his page.
Cosmo is another lovely artist.
Cosmo is 26 and lives in Belgium, and unlike most figure collectors he is not crazy about manga and anime, and is generally only into mainstream manga such as Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, but Cosmo is a huge fan of video games, especially Dead or Alive. Cosmo has been collecting figures since 2005 and collects figures because one his room looks less empty and it gives visitors something to laugh about, and two in his own words "which man doesn't like to be surrounded by beautiful girls!" Cosmo's notes that the combination for a perfect figure is: "pony/twintail + stockings + high heels = MAMA MIA!!!"

And Cosmo is true to his word with a collection of lovely female figures. The above is my favourite photo from his collection as it is just elegant, the set is beautiful the angle is beautiful and the figure is beautiful. Please check out Cosmo's work at his page.

Next up is Nutcase23.
Nutcase is part of a team of hobbyist at the blog The Banzai! Effect, and blogs about local anime conventions in Singapore as well as his figures. Nutcase's passion for photography started when he saw how figurines looked so much better when posed with creativity and dynamic backgrounds. Therefore he tries his best to create situations where the figurines are brought to life.

I have been following Nutcase's photo's from around the start of my own figure and photo passion, and he has really gone from strength to strength, with each photo containing an element of suspense and life as if we were looking at a snapshot of a figure real action packed life. Nutcase has really captured the art of creating beautiful and realistic photo's. Please check out Nutcase's work at his page, his Deviant Art page, and the blog The Banzai! Effect.

Copic is a 24 year old Architect from Thailand. Copic has been collecting figures for almost 2 years, Copic watches a lot of anime and reads a lot of manga and loves collecting figures because they are a way for him to reminisce about an anime or character he likes. Copic especially likes action figures such as Figma, as you can play and be creative with them.
I enjoy Copic's photo's because they have nice action and composition. Please check out Copic's work at his page.

I hope you enjoyed the photo's as much as I do and have taken the time to view some of the artists pages. Tomorrow the part two of the Photo's that Inspire will go up, with many more amazing artists.