Re-Ment Review - Our Home's Kotatsu

A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself. Kotatsu are used almost exclusively in Japan.


The kotatsu is nicely packaged with lots of picture depicting how the kotatsu can be used and displayed. All the relevant information is on the box and even some information on other Re-Ment products that can be used with the kotatsu.

Inside it is packaged well with each piece in a plastic bag, and there is also a instruction guide.

Packaging = 7/10


The kotatsu is nicely sculpted, the detailing on the underneath heater is just wonderful, and my adding the power cord which is made of plastic and a cord which is a fabric rather like a hair tie is used and so it just gives the item a realistic and authentic feel.

Sculpt = 8/10


The kotatsu is painted well, there a no runs or mistakes, and the wood grain on the table top just looks awesome. So nothing much to say here.

Paint = 8/10


I will break down enjoyment into two categories: Accessories and Play Value.


The kotatsu as mentioned before comes with a very cool and realistic power cord that plugs into the heater. The table top can also be flipped showing either a wood grain finish or a red finish. They have also supplied a very nice basket which can be filled with oranges, of which there are five. Apparently a basket of oranges is iconic for a Japanese kotatsu to have sitting upon it. They are done with the detail and paint work that one would expect from Re-Ment and look so edible.

Then of course there is the all important blanket, which is made of fabric and is a nice red with a white sakura pattern on it. I would recommend ironing the blanket as its hard to get it to sit flat over the table to at first since it has been folded up in order to package. Then there are two large kotatsu cushions for kneeling or sitting on. These are also fabric and are a dark blue with some white sketchy pattern on it.

Play Value:

I will break down play value into two categories: Compatibility, with other figures and accessories, and general play


The kotatsu is 1/6 scale and so it a bit too large for Figma's and Nendoroid, it is more the size for Fraulein Revoltechs and ones in the slightly larger scale. However without the blanket it looks very nice and works as a coffee table. I have seen one owner of the kotastu shorten the leg buy cutting off the bottoms so that it is a nice height for Nendoroids, but I would say do so at your discretion.

General Play:

Generally I like the kotatsu it looks awesome and has nice accessories, and although I didn't buy it to be exclusively a kotastu but rather a coffee table I am fairly happy with it. But once again just note is slightly too large a scale to look right with Figma's and Nendoroids.

Enjoyment = 9/10

Overall Our Home's Kotatsu scores 8/10